mass law on concealed carry?


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i live in east longmeadow mass, they grated me a class A but would only put "for target and Hunting", I asked for all lawful purpose but i could not get it,why?


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Depends on the town.

Whatever town in Mass you live in dictates what level and restrictions you get on your license. I believe there is appeal process but I'm not sure how it works.


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Its up to the chief of your town, some will give out unrestricted, some refuse to unless you can prove you really need it. Sucks, but thats the Mass law until it gets changed.

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Anyway. welcome to this group. I hope you find the answers you are looking for here plus more. Someone out here will respond well to your question later...I hope.

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As a former MA resident (grew up next door to you in Springfield) I can tell you that your right to carry is based on the whim of whoever is sitting in the seat as your chief of police. unfortunately they don't have to have any rational reason to grant you (or not grant) anything they want. I live in a shall issue state now and life is far better, believe me. i would love to come home to the commonwealth one day capable of carrying my daily CCH with no fear of going to jail for the rest of my life but that day seems very far off. I concur with an earlier reply, ask why, can't hurt to just ask...worst case scenario they take away your already very limited LTC. best of luck to you!


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I concurr with all of the above. My town Arlington was pretty good about issuing a full unrestricted license. Some towns will restrict.

When I was going through training the trainers gave out a list of towns in Mass and what level of restrictions they have. I think it came from NRA but I've missplaced it.



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We need constitutional carry. "This Right Shall Not Be Infringed" What they are doing is breeching the 2nd Amendment


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First, go to this website for MA Gun Owners Action League GOAL Link Removed and this will tell you what you need to know about obtaining an unrestricted Class A LTC. There are even tips on writing a letter to your Chief Of Police. I would definitely write him / her and appeal and let them know why. Second, join GOAL! I think the Chief in Chicopee is good about issuing unrestricted LTC's. Down here on the Cape, the Chief's in the different towns are very good about issuing unrestricted Class A LTC's. Good luck and keep us posted.


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I can't speak on this one from personal experience, but I recall reading in a previous discussion thread here that some areas of Massachusetts may lift restrictions when you apply for a permit renewal.

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