Maryland to consider Shall Issue soon


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This from the NRA web site. Apparently, the person starting the fireworks, is a Democrat. An encouraging sign.:)

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Yes, an encouraging sign, BUT - looks more like the pig just had a grand smearing of lipstick! Still a pig, if I have read the bill right. #5; ii: has the same wording of a need to carry that is worded the same as what the bill is supposed to replace. Show me where I am wrong - I want to be wrong. This does not affect me, except that I do want to see every state have a real "shall issue", not a pretend sham. Good luck, and this could be a foot in the door, at the least. :)


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Back up the truck


Back up the truck. Re read it, it seeks to repeal the section about having a substantial requirement and it's language. What we read is the old language that HB2 would strike. As noted, if passed, MD will be Shall Issue.

This bill only makes sense, as Maryland residents may own machineguns, but are denied a right to carry.

Good luck Marylanders:)
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Good luck to you guys, i've spent time in the state and it would be nice to know you guys have some of the freedoms we in the buckey are finally getting. Our law(s) are far from perfect but we're plugging away.


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Mea Culpa (a little lawyer talk there - in fact, the only ones that I know) - I did miss the [Brackets], and that mislead me to see the deletion as still in the new law. Thanks for the heads up - and a good thing for MD. that I was shown to be wrong. Hope it goes through as written. :)


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CCW in Maryland

Yesterday, I called Delegate Rileys office,and heard sad news. There have been other similar bills introduced in the MD Legislature for some years.

All went nowhere, and she expects this effort will fail too. Each time, the Sheriffs Association, and the State Police, resistant to the notion of citizens protecting themselves, rush in to denounce the effort. The overtly lib Delegates and Senators listen implicity to the "official party line".

Sorry for you Marylanders. You folks have parity with the state of NJ. A communist poop box next door. Run by puss head politicos. :(

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