martial artists and firearms


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Ektarr, I think Shu Chu is similar to one of my favorites...Ching Ching Pow


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It's a good idea to incorporate some form of unarmed combat along with your weapon techniques for defense, and martial arts is a good way to do that.

Like a few folks here, age has crept up on me too, but experience in various arts has helped. Unfortunately, I never stayed with any one system long enough to really master one, and that I regret. I formally studied Tae Kwon Do for 2 years, Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu for 2 years, sport karate for 1 year, boxed amateur for over 5 years and had exposure to wrestling techniques in college. And my training in security/protection field has exposed me to take-down, cuffing and baton techniques.

Mastering weapons retention and disarming skills is certainly something that can benefit your firearms skillset, and some arts can help with this. Also, it's good to know some knife techniques as backup.


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I have been interested in martial arts since I was about 7 years old. I have studied many styles with private lessons. then at age 15 I studied at a school. I went through the belts fast and it took me only 1.5 years to get my black belt out of 9 belts. I've even got a few pictures to show. the one's with the uniform are older, the others are only a month old or so.


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I've studied TKD/Hapkido, but after many years of that, now my knees are shot... I have also dabbled in Kempo and Wing Chung Kung Fu and even Kendo (imagine that... some idiot studying samurai techniques). I have found today that I have no interest in sport karate, but am fascinated with Krav Maga. There's something to say about those Israeli's. Besides, with no knees left, I like the Krav Maga credo, "If you want to kick somone in the head, first kick them in the groin. When they're down, then kick them in the head."
Later - Sam


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is anyone familiar with the walking the circle drill from BaGua jung fu? i am thinking of adapting theconcept to firearms....:)

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I've been sparring Krav Maga for a few months, which is absolutely necessary IMO for urban, armed confrontations.

The guys on Human Weapon went to Israel for Krav Maga with their MMA skills and still got "killed" in every sparring match, because most standard MMA is useless against someone with a knife or firearm. I highly recommend looking into it for a "real" urban combat method that is easily learned and hard to forget.


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I have 3 Florida Open Trophies "by way of the hands and feet". It's since been 19 years though and my body has been punished enough. I'll go at it hard and nasty well before I take a beating these days but, I avoid fighting at nearly all costs.

Funny but, criminals seem to have the upper hand in the lawsuit when you win. Blah!


God Bless Our Troops!!!

Check out scars. It is what USSOCOM is taught (at least some of them) and works well. Any thing worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for. If you can bring yourself to do some shocking and astonishing things to another human body, you already have the upper hand


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Any thing worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for.
Cute. Reminds me of the rule, "If you find yourself in a fair fight, you need to reconsider your tactics."

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