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If you want to get good with a long gun fast, get a single shot .22! This will force you to learn the fundies. You will not be able to blast until you hit. It is cheap. There is no recoil. It is quiet. You can concentrate on breath control. You can concentrate on trigger squeeze. You can show a anti how fun it is to shoot.:headphone:

.22's are always fun and as you said cheap to shoot. At the price of ammo now, that is a very important aspect of firearm training.
I joined the Revolutionary War Veterans Association. They are all about promoting rifle marksmanship and preserving our American heritage. They host events called Appleseed shoots around the country. I went to one here in central Nevada and had a great time. They taught me a lot about rifle marksmanship, including proper use of slings. They welcome any rifle, scoped or open sighted. A lot of people purchase a Ruger 10/22 and put a set of Tech Sights on it as well as an extended magazine release. The Tech Sights are an aperture type setup, kind of like an M1 or AR15. If your interested, check them out at:
I joined the Revolutionary War Veterans Association. They are all about promoting rifle marksmanship ..

I have a question on historical marksmanship maybe you can help with. I've read of the accuracy of the riflemen, hitting an orange sized target regularly at 200 yards. How does one determine the angle of elevation without a range finder sight? (whatever it's called)

“The frontier riflemen will make fine soldiers…(because of)... above all, the dexterity to which they have arrived in the use of the rifle gun. There is not one of these men who wish a distance less than 200 yards or greater object than an orange. Every shot is fatal.”
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answered my own question, I think:

Regarding the 'Kentucky Long Rifle' used by many in the revolution,
How they adjusted for range, by adjusting the charge!

"When once the proper charge was determined the hunter made him a little charge cup to hold just the proper amount, usually from the tip of a deer's horn, and this was suspended by the bottom (to keep it dry) from the powder horn. "

"the sights were in forest country adjusted for one hundred yards for full charges and one hundred and fifty yards for double charges."

Thoughts on D. Boone's Gun
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interesting read.
I agree. I'm afraid the days of blasting for fun have to be put on hold for a while. I'm also shooting .22s more just so I can shoot without feeling like I've spent too much. While I still shoot my centerfires (and the AK more, 5.45 is still cheap--at least for the present) the cost has reduced how much I do so.
Marksmanship is also a useful skill to hone, and shooting slower not only give one time to improve technique, it makes the time on range last a bit longer.
I agree you can not go too wrong with a 22. I gave my old Marlin bolt action to my son it has a 7 round magazine. One of my neighbors was taking my son shooting while I was in Iraq and he added a 4X scope to it. I was amazed by how accurate the old gun was. I bought a Ruger 10-22 carbine and added a sling and a red dot scope and a 25 round Magazine. Man! Talk about fun! I love shooting at cans with it and I can fairly make them dance.

I will add that shotgun ammo is still fairly cheap as well and there is nothing more satisfying than obliterating a target with a 12 gauge. I was laughing like a certified looney blowing away boxes and gallon jugs, so very satisfying. I intend to get some clays and a thrower and try my hand at moving targets.
Good point Gunny

Welcome home firstly and good point about shotgun equals cheap fun!!!!!:taz:

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