Marine Corps Extends Colt Contract


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West Hartford-based Colt Defense LLC has received a $9.49 million firm five-year contract for gun parts, according to the latest contract listings on the Defense Department’s Web site.

The contract is for 18,000 gun barrels and front assemblies, 13,600 hand guards, 7,100 heavy barrel assemblies, 22,000 receivers and cartridges, and 200,000 extractor spring assemblies, according to the listing.

All work is to be done at the West Hartford plant, with an estimated completion date of Sept. 28, 2012, according to the Defense Department. The Tank and Automotive Command Rock Island, in Illinois, is the contracting base. The deal announced Monday is Colt’s second major Defense Department contract in fewer than two months.

In December, the company received a five-year contract with a potential worth of up to $14 million from the U.S. Marine Corps.

Under terms of that deal, the Marines contracted with Colt for “production, delivery, and associated support of the Marine Corps’ Infantry Automatic Rifle,” according to a Defense Department contract listing. The rifle is a “lightweight, magazine-fed, 5.56 mm weapon” designed to enhance the user’s maneuverability and speed “while providing the ability to suppress or destroy not only area targets, but point targets as well,” according to the listing. The new rifle is planned to replace the M249 squad automatic weapons now used by the Marines’ “infantry and light armored reconnaissance battalions,” the Defense Department listing added.

Initially, delivery orders will be awarded for samples, spare parts, and support services. Eventually the full contract may involve up to 6,500 rifles. All work will be done in West Hartford. The Marine Corps’ Systems Command in Quantico, Va., is the contracting base.

Colt in September also received $151 million for the purchase of nearly 89,000 M4 carbine rifles.

Colt Defense is the military arms division of Colt’s Manufacturing Inc., which makes hunting and sport shooting weapons.

By Howard French
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Glad to hear this news given the state of the economy. Hoooorah! Isn't it ironic that in the Northeast (Blue States) in the Cradle of Freedom, we have many of America's Proud Gun MFG based in states that are downright hostile to their very survival? Colt in CT; S&W in MA; Kimber in NY; Kahr in MA....etc. I can't stand these politicians who wine about keeping American manufacturing jobs in the United States, yet they want to drive a stake through the heart of the same American Companies who have been resposible for helping America remain free!
If any of these gun manufacturers want to move the plants to Idaho, we are more than welcome to the idea.

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I thought they were trying to transition to something larger than the old 5.56?

They were going to switch to the XM8, which is similiar to an HK G36. Apparently, the project was suspended in 2005, so they could re-think the criteria to replace the M16/M4. Still in 5.56 NATO, but I heard somewhere they were going to switch to a polymer casing.

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