Mandela - just another Marxist


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Lemmings ignore history and facts – just hop on the popularity train, especially under the hypnosis of music and flowery words. Mandela was an anarchist-Marxist and deserved to be imprisoned. Many died unnecessarily due to his anarchy. He, like Obama, was a student of Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx. Under his rule South Africa became a republic in name only - how can it be a parliamentary republic when the president is head of state AND head of government? This is another despotic commonality with Obama who intentionally undermines our 'republic' with constitutional circumvention. South Africa, under Mandela's rule experienced the most destructive measures to her economy - still in heavy unemployment today because of his policies, both black (over 80%) and whites as well. Johannesburg's modernity is not result of a vibrant economy but a sell out to world banks and globalists' requests and agendas. Like Obama, Mandela is one of Media's stooges and millions of sheep in South Africa and America gather to mourn another Marxist.

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Obama made two interesting remark that should come back to haunt him: "There are too many people who happily embrace Madiba’s legacy of racial reconciliation, but passionately resist even modest reforms that would challenge chronic poverty and growing inequality.There are too many leaders who claim solidarity with Madiba’s struggle for freedom, but do not tolerate dissent from their own people."

Hmm… applies all too well to an official of high rank right here. African Americans have been hit harder by his policies than almost any other group, yet he continues to agitate to deepen the racial divide, and he is a leader who tolerates no dissent.


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It is my belief that the main reason obummer went to this event was to hi-jack it and try to make it about him. obummer does not care about anyone but himself. The lap dog media will help obummer in this effort!


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The irony is he wanted his freedom from oppression but was willing to give all so the masses, the greater good of all, would be paramount. I'm NOT here to denigrate his achievements on freedom of the individual. I'm here to say he actually aided and abetted the slaughter of whites is S.A.. If he really cared about the individual, that was NOT his agenda. What he cared about was the masses not the individual freedoms.
He came from a tribe, he promoted racial segregation, and was concerned more with the commune (tribe) not the individual. AND again we're hailing this as what?
Oh, and as most or some of you know, a lot of whites were slaughtered in reparations for the injustice of a group of people that help these countries be successful in agriculture.
The insanity continues. I do believe this was written in the book of Revelations. JMHO.


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And shaking hands with Raul.....Birds of a feather. "Fundamentally change America" Ya think?

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