Man Slain At Tampa Shop Died Like His Dad, Granddad Says


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Very Sad! Not only losing your son to a robbery but also a grandson. I have to say if someone pulled a gun on my brother I'd do my best to stop it also. Except I'd have a little help from my .45. If it happened as reported Willie Cherry III gave his life for his brothers. To bad he didn't have a better way to defend both there lives.

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Man Slain At Tampa Shop Died Like His Dad, Granddad Says

TAMPA - Willie Cherry Sr. has been in this situation before: a different address, but the same horrific news, the same condolences.

Standing outside Salem's Gyros & Subs at 4004 E. Hillsborough Ave. today, Cherry recalled how his son died in 1996 after being shot during a robbery.

This morning, his grandson, Willie Cherry III, who turned 21 last week, died in the sandwich-shop parking lot after being shot once in the chest. Police said the slain man tried to intervene as a gunman robbed his younger brother.

Tampa police are looking for a Dodge or Ford pickup and several men involved in the shooting, which occurred about 3:30 a.m.

"He was a good boy," said the grandfather, 63, dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief. "I lost his daddy the same way. … He tried to get along with everybody, tried to do the right things. I don't know why people do the things they do."

Police said Willie Cherry III had ordered food at the business, which remains open into the early morning hours, just before coming outside to find a man holding a gun on his brother, Adrian Cherry, in a rear corner of the parking lot. Adrian Cherry turns 18 Wednesday.

The gunman shot Willie Cherry III once in the chest, police said. The wounded man collapsed in the parking lot, about a foot from the sidewalk, and died.

The grandfather, relaying Adrian Cherry's version of events, said the slain man saw "the guy had the gun to his brother's head. He said, 'Cool it, man. What's wrong? …' The guy just turned and shot him instead."

Police described the gunman as a black man in his 20s with a short Afro. He was wearing long baggy denim shorts and a baggy short-sleeve black shirt. He fled with three other men in the pickup, described as a burgundy or dark red full-size Dodge or Ford. Police said the truck has four doors and a silver toolbox installed in the bed.

Willie Cherry III was a graduate of Middleton High School, said family friend James Williams, 39, of Seffner. He recently had become a father.

At the time of his death in August 1996, Cherry's father was to be the best man at Williams' wedding, Williams said.

News reports from that time state that Willie Cherry Jr., 29, was shot with an "Uzi-style" weapon as he sat in his pickup and chatted with friends outside Celebrity's Lounge at 26th Street and East Eighth Avenue. Cherry had been at a bachelor party for Williams and was picking up a friend at the lounge when someone tried to rob him.

Williams said he considered Willie Cherry III a nephew and drove out to the sandwich shop this morning as soon as he learned of the shooting. "A friend woke me up: 'Willie just got shot.' I said, 'You kidding me?' " Williams said.

Man that is really cold! I don't understand why even a criminal would commit such a cold blooded murder. Makes me wonder how/why they let the younger brother go untouched.
There are a lot of people out there that are just plain evil and like vampires they seem to show up after dark.
Some people say that talking your way out of things is better than carrying a gun.
The guy said, "Cool it man, what's wrong?" and the guy shot him. There are some people that you just can't talk sense into. There is only one thing left to do with someone like that. Deadly force.
I hope Adrian Cherry gets a permit, and carries a handgun when he turns 21.
I hope they catch those A'holes soon and mess up their world.. as they have messed up so many peoples' lives in this case... very sad.

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