Man pulled from boat by a large crocodile in Northern Territory.


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Don't camp by the river side any more, and don't sit right on the edge, or lean out over the edge of your boat when fishing in Northern Australian Waters.

I remember a time when we would travel to the Northern Territory and hunt crocodiles. Crocodile skins were also valuable export. Well since our government, in its infinite wisdom declared them a protected species and they are only vulnerable in their natural habitat when young, they have breed in huge numbers and have become more dangerous and seem to have lost their fear of man, more so than before they were a protected species.

Cheers, Ironbark.


A 52-year-old man taken off boat by crocodile in Kakadu National Park!

A MAN has been taken off a boat by a crocodile in Kakadu National Park this afternoon.

The 52 -year-old male was at Cooinda when he was attacked by a crocodile and dragged into the water about 5pm.

Police and park rangers are working to find the man.

Police confirmed the man had been on a boat at the time of the attack.


A 12-year-old Indigenous boy died in January after being attacked by a crocodile in Kakadu National Park.

Authorities found human remains near where the boy had been swimming with friends in a billabong west of Jabiru.

Another 15-year-old boy had been bitten but was released during the attack.

Here is a list of attacks since March 1987.


JANUARY 26, 2014: A 12-year-old boy goes missing after he was taken by a crocodile while swimming behind Mudginberri outstation about 20km west of Jabiru. Another boy, 15, was bitten on the arm but escaped.

AUGUST 24, 2013: A crocodile killed a 26-year-old man while swimming in the Mary River near the Mary River Wilderness Retreat, about halfway between Darwin and Kakadu National Park.

DECEMBER 1, 2012: A 4m crocodile killed a nine-year-old boy who was swimming with friends at a Territory beach at Port Bradshaw near Dhania outstation, 100km south of Nhulunbuy.

NOVEMBER 16, 2012: A 3m crocodile killed a seven-year-old girl who was swimming at a waterhole at Gumarrirnbang outstation about 110km southwest of Maningrida.

FEBRUARY 20, 2011: A crocodile killed a 14-year-old boy playing in a creek with his brothers in Milingimbi 450km east of Darwin.

APRIL 2009: Father-of-two Keith Parry, 20, was killed by a 4m croc while trying to swim across the Daly River, south of Darwin.

MARCH 2009: 11-year-old Briony Goodsell was killed at Black Jungle Swamp at Lambells Lagoon in Darwin’s rural area while swimming with her sister and two friends.

JULY 2006: A 5m crocodile killed an eight-year-old girl as she fished with her family on the Blythe River.

SEPTEMBER 2005: Darwin man Russell Butel, 55, was killed off the Cobourg Peninsula, while diving with a mate in Trepang Bay.

SEPTEMBER 2005: A 4m croc killed Russell Harris, 37, while he snorkelled off Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

DECEMBER 2003: A 4m croc killed Brett Mann, 22, while he cleaned his quad bike in the Finniss River, 100km south of Darwin. His two friends spent 22 hours up a tree waiting to be rescued while the croc stalked them below.

OCTOBER 22, 2002: Isabel von Jordan, a 24-year-old student from Germany, was killed by a 5m saltwater crocodile in Kakadu National Park’s Sandy Creek billabong while swimming with a group of tourists.

DECEMBER 23, 1998: Peter Munkara, 34, an artist from Melville Island, was found near the island’s Paru boat ramp with crocodile bite marks on his body.

AUGUST 7, 1998: The body of a man in his 20s was found in the Roper River, 500km southeast of Darwin.

DECEMBER 13, 1997: A man was killed trying to swim across the Daly River, 230km south of Darwin.

MAY 11, 1990: Albert Juzelionas, 43, a Jabiru Telecom worker, was killed while swimming off Groote Eylandt.

OCTOBER 1988: Alex Bururru, 25, of Maningrida, was killed in Cato River near Nhulunbuy, NT.

MARCH 17, 1987: Kerry McLoughlin, 40, a Jabiru storeman, was decapitated by a 5.1m crocodile while wading at Cahills Crossing on the East Alligator River in Kakadu. He threw a beer can at its head to try to escape.


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Such is life when Crocs swim in your lakes and rivers. No one should ever swim in any lake or river in Australia, they should swim in pools.
When fishing don't lean out over the side of the boat. Maybe allow Croc hunting too. :triniti:


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well i think the park rangers should be fired or something like thats, there should be warning signs where ever there are Crocs. it will get people alerted. else they want to be croc food.


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We have the same kind of problems with gators in South Carolina.

Even if you swim in a pool, LOOK FIRST! Gators (and I suppose crocs) like pools, too.

Gators can run on land--don't be fooled by their lethargic appearance when they're sunning.

We have very limited gator hunting season and tags here.

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