Man kills wife trying to drill a hole with a .22


Liberty or Death
This is just stupid. I don't know what else to say

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Sevral things come to mind here. One the news lady says something like we have all done this miny times. If she was talking about working around the house I by it, but she seems to make it sound like we all use a gun as a drill and shoot walls. How many of you do this. Two what fool will use a gun to drill a hole in the wall. Now it dose sound like an accident and I am sure he is in his own hell now. I feel for him and his family. I guess I just don’t like the news statement at the start.
Classic reason why folks need to use firearms properly. There's no excuse for this kind of "accident". I think the guy should be charged for his grossly negligent actions.

"Bad things happen to good people,” Lassince said

Bad things happen to people that are a few bricks shy a load. I feel sorry for the family but good grief people how dumb can you be.
seriously .. how stupid can a person be? even if he does know where everyone is... I've never bought a 22 with the instructions saying "doubles as a drill for installation purposes". MORON!
I too am sure he feels terrible and I feel bad for him. That being said I think this brings a new meaning to the word stupid.
What a tragic loss of life! Stupid doesn't even come close to being the right word here. His intention was to penetrate the wall...without knowing what or who is on the other side...????? He should definately be held accountable for the least! Dee Dee Dee
There is a saying here in Missouri that goes hold my beer and watch this. This guy was for sure on the deep end of the gene pool.

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