Man it's hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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108 actual degrees here at 6:50pm


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98 here in Ga. Global warming seams to move all ove the place these days. Can't wait for global cooling in a few months.


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Reached 114 degrees just south of Tulsa,OK. today. Hadn't been this hot here since 1923!

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It was so hot here in Central that the Arch actually melted.:biggrin: Well it is better than straight week of snow...I'd rather have this one at least if we need to go out, my SUV is airconditioned and you go from an airconditioned vehicle to an airconditioned store...what I do is run my watering system at the back for half an hour and me and my doggie can go out there in comfort. It is cooler.


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Checked my outside thermometer this morning at 5 o'clock.....87 degrees. Had to go in and get my jacket.


This is the coolest summer in over 12 years. Temps hovering around 112-117 deg., normal is in the 120's. Global cooling for sure.


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Living next to the largest fresh water supply in the world has its advantages. We've had the hottest July ever, 30 straight days with high temps above 80. that's right, above 80. not above 85, not above 90, not above 100. Just comfortable old 80.

And it wasn't too long ago that you Texans were complaining about the cold and snow:

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And it wasn't too long ago that you Texans were complaining about the cold and snow:

I never complain about the cold. I love the cold. I HATE the heat. Believe I was born in the wrong territory.
But it is true, most of these people around me freak completely out if they witness a couple of snowflakes. Which doesn't happen very often.


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No offense meant to you, Beau...

But that's why I vowed never to go to Texas again after being stationed there for 4 yrs that seemed like 10


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One of the rare occasions where the typical S. Florida summer temp of 95 or so is on the cool side compared to much of the country! :biggrin:

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