Man In Underwear Captures Alleged Burglar - Homeowner Held Accused Thief At Gunpoint


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A man wearing only his underpants caught a burglar breaking into his home and held him at gunpoint until officers could arrive, police said.

The suspected prowler was facing serious charges after the alert homeowner caught him in the act and held him at gunpoint early Tuesday morning in northeast Vancouver.

Police said Matthew Morris, 24, was trying to break into the family's cars and possibly their home, when he ended up facing the barrel of the homeowner's gun.

Tuesday, a woman FOX 12 will refer to only as "Sandy" was still shaken up over her family's startling wake-up call.

"We were afraid. I mean, my husband was afraid and I was afraid for my children and for our safety," Sandy said.

After a recent string of car break-ins, including one right next door, Sandy and her husband set out a motion sensor in front of their house.

So when the alarm was activated early Tuesday morning, they didn't hesitate.

"(We) went to the window and saw the person in between our two vehicles and then trying to look in the front window," Sandy said.

Her husband grabbed one of their guns and ran out to confront the man.

The firearm probably wasn't the only thing to catch the accused burglar by surprise since Sandy's husband was only wearing his underwear.

911 Call

DISPATCHER: Ma'am, who does your husband have out in the street at gunpoint?
CALLER: Um, someone who was trying to break into our vehicles and our house.
CALLER: My husband, he's standing buck, basically buck naked out in the yard.
DISPATCHER: I know. I just want do know does he still have the gun on the suspect?
CALLER: He just has it pointed down.

Sandy's husband ordered the suspect to get on the ground and he kept him there, at gunpoint, until deputies arrived.

Sandy said she and her husband are trained to use their guns properly. Even though they hope they never have to fire them, she said she hopes her husband's actions send a message to other criminals.

"This area has been burglarized for the past two weeks, methodically down the street so hopefully that will come to an end now," Sandy said.

Morris was charged with attempted car prowling, trespassing and possession of meth. But officials said he has already bailed out of jail.

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