"Man" featured on Barbara Walters special now expcting second child

I saw on the Barbara Walters special that they started off in your neck of the woods, GF. I don't suppose you've ever seen this freak, have you?

Damnit tatt! You've gone and opened "Pandora's Box" on this one. You perked my curiosity when you mentioned that this freak was formerly from Hawaii. Turns out that I knew "Tracy LaGondino" when she first started her t shirt business. I sold a number of designs to her, and heard that she was moving to OR. Never knew that it would turn out this way.

Now I'm REALLY ill!!!!! :bad: :nono: :bad: :nono: :bad:

gf :bad:
She's a freak who cut her tits off, takes hormones, and grew a "beard", but was too scared to go the whole 9-yards. I pity the child borne of her loins.

Furthermore, if that child blows his brains out after hearing all the ridicule, the antis would blame the gun.
I thought this he/she was glock fan. I must have missed something. Ha Ha just kidding gf. I heard the news say the other night a man thats biologically a woman and i thought if i am biologically something then i am that. You can do all you want to alter the outside but you cant change what God has already made us. This is sick stuff. If the kid don't turn out gay or killing himself it will be a miracle.
As if all this weren't ridiculous enough, this sicko is now trying to get her title on the child's birth certificate changed to "father." Currently, it says she's the mother. Imagine that! :sarcastic: The person who gives birth is listed as the mother, and she's upset about it? Anyway, I think that these people have no business conceiving, let alone raising children. Friggin' sicko freaks.

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