Man and woman shot dead at Johnson County shooting range Read more: http://www.kansa


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Police this morning found two people shot dead at an Overland Park shooting range.

Officers were called to the Bullet Hole, 6201 Robinson Road, about 11:20 a.m. and found a man and a woman shot dead.

The two were apparently together and police do not believe now that anyone else was involved in the deaths, they said.

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Arranged duel? Argument that turned in to shootout that turned into dual fatal shooting? Murder-suicide? Dual suicide? Accidental shooting followed by guilt-driven suicide? Yeah, this one is going to need more info...


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Or.... They were both shot by someone else and robbed of their guns? Didn't really say if they were inside or outside.... If it was outside, could have just been a meeting place for a drug deal or something. Sure the police dont "THINK" anyone else was involved.... but you never know.


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Date gone bad

She met him on the internet, had been dating for a short time and he murdered her and commited suiside. He had,family history of suiside.

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Unfortunate that it occurred at a shooting range. In some states, these are the last bastions of freedom left. Such incidents draw unfriendly political fire. I hate to think of what kinds of laws may be proposed, using this incident as support for the argument.

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Two familys have lost love ones and the firearm community has been smeared yet once again. May the lord have mercy on their eternal souls as we continue to battle for our God given rights!

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