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Well about 3 hours of work and $15 I have a new holster to add to my collection. My wife was starting to complain about how many holsters I have been purchasing, so I figured it was time to make one of my own.

A friend is coming over tomorrow to make one and I will document it with photos for everyone.

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My account is having problems and can't upload photos, so here is the link.

NICE! I am needing something like that (with a leather high back) to help keep the gun off my skin..nice indeed!
interesting. Not too shabby for 3 hrs work. How many "prototypes" did you have to create until this one was finished?
Here's a link to make your own pocket holster. I made one 6 mo ago,use it daily.
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Nice job on that holster, rabywk! Did you use a heat gun to form it around your weapon? Looks very professional.

Here's your picture...

Very nice! I would also like to know how you formed the Kydex. Did you use your real pistol or did you have a mold?
My buddy didn't show up yesterday, so I didn't get photos (yet)!. I am not taking credit on coming up with the idea on how to do this. A guy on another thread posted a lot of photos and here is the link to his photos.

1. Cut Kydex with a utility knife to desired size.
2. Place firearm in form.
3. Heat Kydex at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 minutes (use toaster oven because it stinks)
4. Place heated Kydex over firearm and close and clamp the press
5. Wait 15 minutes
6. Remove firearm and kydex from press
7. Trim kydex to desired shape
8. Place on leather and rivit together.
Red Hat,

The kydex and heat resistant foam was ordered through . The leather I got at Hobbie Lobby, the rivits were Walmart, and the Chicago screws were from Home Depot.

The belt clips were made. You cut a 1" piece of kydex, round the edges, use a heat gun to soften the kydex and mold it around something (I acutally used construction paper covered with duct tape :D ).

Hopefully that buddy of mine gets over to my house soon and I will take photos as he makes his.

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