Make Sure To Grip The Gun Firmly


Liberty or Death
I would like to celebrate my 100th post on this great site, with a video I found on youtube.

Someone should have warned her, or showed her first. Ya think?

If she hadn't worn the bikini top I wouldn't have known it was a girl. I've got bigger titties that her! :laugh:
Congrats on your 100th. Reminds me of a childhood experance holding a scoped rifile to close to the eye lesson learned.
Congrats Cooter on your 100th post. i'll bet that hurt just alittle, maybe a 22 would have been better.

That had to hurt!

They're BOTH idiots! (did ya read his shirt?) I bet she felt a little stupid afterwards! Great 100th post!
Reminds me of my childhood

Funny enough, I can remember shooting this. The first big boy handgun I ever shot was a Desert Eagle Magnum .50 AE. It was my introduction to large calibers and my first hurtful experience. I was with my friend on a hill side leaning back shooting down into a pit. I remember his dad bringing this big gun out for us to try. I was young, can't remember when, but I could barely hold onto the thing. The first shot threw me back past the hand supporting my back and against the hill, although I did hit close to my target. I held onto the gun and kept my arms from buckly, but somehow I think physics took over and the gun recoil was too much for my lack of weight and proper balance. From then on we both kneeled or sat with a lean to keep from getting knocked over. Of course the whole time we were really safe, but I did gain an appreciation for the big dog calibers and a need for good grip and balance. :) Congrats on the senior senior. I've been on here since september but just finally passed that point myself. Guess school and work sort of get in the way.
Congratulations on your 100th!

Yeah, the guy that gave that girl the gun is a moron... but then again, she choose to hang out with him! :toung:

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