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Maine and Pennsylvania recently entered into a reciprocity agreement for CCW permits. The text of the agreement mentions benefits to the "residents" of the two states but does not emphasize residency or specifically rule out nonresidents. Pennsylvania has made it quite clear that it honors permits based on the state that issues them, not the residency of the holder. Accordingly, the reciprocity map shows that Pennsylvania now honors Maine nonresident permits. But it also shows that Maine honors Pennsylvania nonresident permits, yet declares that Maine honors permits only from residents of the state issuing the permit (like North Dakota).

I have nonresident permits from both Maine and Pennsylvania, so it's not a big deal to me, but I'd still like to know: Does Maine honor a Pennsylvania nonresident permit?

ME only recognizes Resident permits of the states that they honor.

The site isn't updated yet to add PA....Link Removed ...but it does say

Maine has reciprocal agreements with the following States for resident concealed handgun permits:
Thanks, jam. You're probably right, even though the Maine SP site doesn't yet mention PA. Apparently Maine does not honor any permits except those covered by official reciprocity agreements (not just courtesy, the way, for example, Alabama automatically honors the permit of any state that honors Alabama's).

The map should be therefore be updated to show Pennsylvania yellow, not blue, for Maine. (The map shows Michigan as blue, but since Michigan doesn't issue nonresident permits, the point is moot.)

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