Mag slip out of Ruger LC9


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I was at the range today breaking in my new LC9. I had shot about 100 rounds when my mag slipped a few times. When I when're upstairs I asked the owner why that happened. I had the gun for about a week now and it didn't do that on my previous shoots. He told me that maybe the mag wasn't fully inserted and if it happen again to let them know.Has this ever happen to anyone else. I would appropriate some feedback on this please. THANKS appreciate some feedback


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Check your grip. Make sure your not holding your thummb or part of your hand over the release so that the recoil when you shoot is causing you to hit the release ejecting your mag


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It has happened to me one time. I was in a convience store rest room (seated on the toilet) when I heard something hit the floor. It was the mag out of my LC9 carried in a Theis IWB holster. Any time I carry I always preform my adminstrative duties (check chamber, check mag and re-seat, tug on mag). Lucky I was in a private stall. I claimly bent over, picked it up and re-seated it before standing up.
I guess I more or less blamed it on some-how pushing the mag release.
Haven't had any more problems.

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I don't know anything about the Ruger LC9, but many years back when S&W brought the Model 39 to market it had a weak spring on the magazine release button. Many cases of magazines dropping because of accidental pressure on the magazine release from poor grip placement, accidentally brushing it against a part of the holster or other clothing, etc. This was later corrected by S&W by going to a magazine release spring that was approximately the same weight as the Colt 1911.


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Do you have more then one magazine? Does it happen with both or more? Make a comparison between them. There may also be a problem with the magazine catch within the grip.

I had something like this happen on a Taurus PT140. This gun went back to Taurus for repair and then was sold off.


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Same issue with a Taurus PT-745 and....

I sent my Taurus PT-745 back to Taurus and they fixed it. I got a little run-around before I learned from a dealer that it was a bad magazine spring.
My suggestion: Watch the situation carefully and take a notebook and pen to the range with you. Carefully document when it happens- IE:1 of 112 shots, or 1 in 42 shots, etc.
I have also heard on some perfectly good guns, that grip is a factor, especially for small guns and/or big hands. Check your grip- when it happens, instead of taking your hand off the gun to grab the mag, look at your grip. If your shooting hand thumb is over the release, that might be your problem. Another idea for this would be to get some cheap WATER BASED paint at Wal-Mart. Brush a tiny dab onto the magazine release button with a Q-Tip. Shoot 5 rounds. See where the paint has printed your hand. Paint it again. Shoot another 5 rounds. Check the paint location. Do it all again. If the paint is constantly printing on your thumb, it might indicate that this is the issue, or whether this is NOT the issue.
I hope this helps.

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