mad with Sig sauer need advise!


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I recently bought a Sig 239 on Sept 1 from a local gun store, they ordered the firearm that day and it is now Sun and I still don't have it. When they went to look up where it was at there was no tracking number, any ideas of what I should do?


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They said if it wasn't here by Tuesday, they would go to Virginia and get it themselves, I reassured them that Sig should throw a couple perks my way since there's a possibility they never shipped it... And glocks are terrible can't shoot em for ****


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it is a holiday weekend. never buy something that has to be ordered that close to a holiday. just give it a little time.


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Ha that would work if I didn't work for a shipping company, and with no tracking number it means they haven't even sent it out for the shop to receive it


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Change your title to Mad with (insert shipping company) or Mad with (insert gun store name). I doubt this has anything to do with Sig. Either that or you are just impatient. Sig makes one of the finest firearms in the world, you will be happy that you bought it, even if it takes a few extra days.


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I've been patient but there come a point when it just gets ridiculous, if they haven't shipped it and its been a week? That's what I dont get. Yes I know shipping can take awhile but there is no tracking number ir anything.. its confusing


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I purchased rail accesories through diamondhead last saturday and accordingto the tracking number they sat in rhode island for three days! Says its in jacksonville for delivery tomorrow but it took over 10 days due to irene!


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Let's see..
You ordered it on a Thursday before a holiday week-end..
The gun shop Maybe called it in late Thursday..
I'm sure you are not the ONLY order Sig got in last week..
Maybe some people took a vacation day to add to their holiday week-end..
Maybe they didn't get to it on Friday..
Your complaining that you did not receive it Saturday or Monday of a Holiday Week-end??
Maybe someone at Sig should be SHOT for such lousy customer service!!!

So, You're complaining that Sig did not ship something especially for you with a one day turn around?? Really??

Cool your jets, or go to a store that has one in stock..


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Your gun shop probably isn't buying it straight from Sig. It will come from a distributor who may not even have one to ship. Relax and be patient out buy something else.

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