M1A issues....*Rant* beware I rant in the OP!


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Ok, so on Friday I take my 12 y/o son out and my lovely wife on their first hunt, we all have tags for Antelope. So we take our rifles out to the range for final verification on sights, and low and behold, 2 rounds out of my M1A and the scope mount loses the front screw. F$%K!!!!! Bring it home and find out that either the screw itself has stripped its threads, or my receiver has. To top it all off, I work the next couple NIGHTS so I don't have time to get the irons in line if I cant get a replacement screw in the RIGHT FREAKING NOW!!!!! So, since I will be up all night tonight, I guess I cut off the home made cheek rest and go to the range to try and get my iron sights on paper with the laser boresight. This could get interesting depending on how far I may have to shoot. Needless to say that I SUCK at shooting to begin with using irons, so GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

Just ship the rifle to me and I'll take good care of it. :biggrin: Was it a new one made by SA?
Why yes, yes she is. A wonderful little SS barrel dressed in OD green stock. She is fine here in my place, just being a bit stubborn at the momen
I will take care of the iron sight issue by putting some proper glass on it, if you ship it to me, and make sure the rifle is capable and ready for your hunts in say, 20 years or so?

See, my offer was better than S&W645's by a considerable margin. A home run, if you will.
Get your irons zeroed in at 100yds. I got a Sadlak mount and a Leupold Mark 4 on it. I have been hitting 10 inch plates out to 750 yards. Makes it more fun.

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