Bottomfeeder = mag fed

I am not an expert on either Glock or S&W M&P's, but, I personally have both Glock and S&W M&P "bottom feeders" as the saying goes.
I cut my teeth on the old M&P .38's in the Army, as well as the 1911 .45's.

I enjoy the different aspects of each. The greatest part of the M&P are the improvements that won me over versus what the Glock has in .45

The replaceable backstraps, the loaded chamber indicator, just as easy to clean, the incentive for rebate or free mags, the fact the Sheriff Dept in my area switched to it, etc

I used to believe .45 in 1911 was the way to go, but, it is hard to argue with having extra rounds in each mag, a nice grip, easy return to target, etc.

The Glock is comfortable, but, it is generally a one size fits all...you can make the grip bigger with grips overlays, but smaller isn't an option.

The compacts are comparable to the full size in the S&W M&P series too. The Glock compacts seem uncomfortable to me, I have to change my grip due to the small size in comparison to the full sized model.

I plan on getting the M&P 45C as soon as I can afford to, I am still keeping the Glock as well. Never get rid of one that has worked well for me in the past.

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So would you say carry the Full size would be ok? I am also up in the air over a M&P 9mm full size or a M&P 40 full size any help would be great.


M&P Full size carry

I carry the Glock in a high ride side holster with a loose shirt - I don't find it hard to do. The M&P 45 I don't generally carry that way as I use it with the tactical light on it most times. I am a Reserve Sheriff in Lenawee County as well, so, we use that as our duty weapon. I did find out that the M&P 45C will be able to use the same mags as the full size, so, that will become my "off duty" or carry weapon later.

I have several different smaller frame carry weapons such as Bersa 380's, Walther PP/PPK, Single stack .45 such as the Republic Arms (which, by the way, can also use the 1911 mags), most times, I need a smaller carry due to the high humidity around the lakes. Longer slide, more metal in contact with inner layers where I might cause rust due to perspiration. The polymer and polycarbonate frames eliminate a lot of that, but short frame means less bulge from the grip, frame, etc.
Right now I can get Glock parts worldwide, or at least in the Pacific Rim countries I frequent, so that's a factor in my decision.


Not to mention the interchangeability of many parts, ease of installation and minimal number of parts. I carry a spare parts kit when I travel, though I've never had to use it on my own guns. I did save a few buddies though. :)



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My primary summer time carry weapon is the M&P 9 compact. It seems to hide ok. I use the Cross Breed Super Tucker IWB holster.

I also own a full size M&P .45. The 9c has a much better trigger. The .45 trigger is really stiff.

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