M&P .45 Compact OWB Belt Holster


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I'm sure this has been addressed before...but, I need help. I recently purchased the M&P .45 Compact to replace my Ruger P94 9mm as my CCW gun. My problem is that I can't find a decent pancake-type belt holster for the compact version. I've looked all over and the only thing I can find is for the full size .45, or the .40 & 9mm compact. I know I could probably order something custom, but I don't want to wait weeks and weeks for it to arrive. I really like the Galco holsters for the full size M&P...but Galco told me they don't make it for the compact. If anyone has any suggestions, I would certainly appreciate it. Again, I've looked everywhere and the places that do custom make it have a LONG wait time.


Look into the snap slide by Crossbreed. It only took them 9 days from order to delivery

Hope all works well for you
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Galco Concealed

The Galco Concealed will work with the M&P 45 compact. The barrel will be slightly recessed because the compact barrel/slide is 1/2/ inch shorter. Other than that it is perfect fit. It is worth the minor difference.

The Galco Concealed is one of my favorite holsters. I have a Desanti Speed Scabbard for the M&P 45 full size that I've used to carry the 45 compact. The barrel/slide is slightly recessed also. No big deal. But I prefer the Galco Concealed.

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