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Does anyone know where I can find Louisiana's Deadly Force Laws?



From Louisiana Concealed Carry Permit Information

Deadly Force / Castle Doctrine:
On June 30,Governor Kathleen Blanco (D) signed HB 1097 by Representative Eric LaFleur (D-38), NRA-backed legislation granting civil immunity to crime victims who lawfully use force up to and including deadly force to protect themselves against a violent attack.

HB 1097 is the companion bill to HB 89 (also by Representative LaFleur), the NRA-supported “Castle Doctrine” bill which created presumptions in law for the use of force against intruders in your home, car or place of business and explicitly states in law that you have no “duty to retreat” from criminal attack if you are in a place where you have a legal right to be.

HB 89 was signed by the Governor on June 2 and both bills take effect on August 15.


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It's refreshing to hear there ARE sensible politicians in this country that realize that potential victims/victims have more rights than the perpetrators !!!


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I don't miss Louisiana, but one of the news stories before I left was quite encouraging.

There had been a rash of carjackings in the mid-90's and it was getting to the point where there were several per-week. After enough prodding from the public, the legislators passed a law stating that you could use deadly force in protecting yourself while still in your vehicle. About a month after this law went into effect, someone tried carjacking an off-duty sheriff's deputy and the assailant was sent to the morgue. Everyone I knew that heard about the story just about cheered.

It's been over a decade since I read this in the newspapers so if my memory is a bit off, please forgive me. However, seeing Louisiana add this is a good thing. I know people who are still there that are moving out soon because it's now apparently an even worse place than I remember. Hopefully, this law will stop unlawful gun confiscations like the ones that happened in New Orleans.


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Does the civil immunity and castle doctrine in NOLA apply if the criminals are NOPD acting to confiscate lawfully possessed firearms under color of authority?


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Does the civil immunity and castle doctrine in NOLA apply if the criminals are NOPD acting to confiscate lawfully possessed firearms under color of authority?
I am now living in Northwest Montana but was about 26 miles north of New Orleans when Katrina hit (living in Mandeville---the Yuppie Capital of Louisiana). I can't imagine anybody remaining in New Orleans again for anything greater than a tropical depression. Not only does one have to worry about the crazy city politics, one has to worry about gang/crime activity, and flooding. Katrina was an interesting time. Mandeville is a conservative strong-hold. Signs were put up "if you loot, we will shoot". Liberal (progressive) New Orleans was a complete disaster (no pun intended). So crossing Lake Ponchartrain from St. Tammany Parish into New Orleans was like traveling from the United States into a third world country.

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