Looking for opinions on the numerous Remington 700 models


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I have owned and shot ARs and AKs all my life. i am looking to branch out and get a more traditional hunting rife. I have decided on the Remington 700 in .308. Any model suggestions for light hunting and general use on a large farm? I plan to hunt and play with it. I have looked at the SPS, LTR and the VTR. WDYT?

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I lived at one time in Sarasota. Raced at Saramana Speedway in Bradenton. Years ago.
I just wanted to mention that you should search for the Remington 700 "trigger issues" on the internet. If I remember correctly the "Walker trigger housing group" has caused problems with the gun firing by itself. Sometimes without being touched, and when attempting to remove the safety to fire position.
We looked at using these guns in the U.S.Army as a possible sniper rifle, but it failed the test. I believe the Marines "may" still use it on occassion. Just a FYI.


My favorite is a mountain rifle w/detachable mag. Beautiful, reliable, accurate and safe. Don't be fooled by propaganda the Remington 700 is a excellent choice.


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I have an SPS buckmaster camo in .270 and have really enjoyed it, especially after upgrading the scope to a Mueller Optics 4.5 x 14 APV.

I didn't see a LTR on the Remington site, so I assume you meant VLS. It looks like it would be hard to go wrong with it regarding accuracy.

Just based on the website documentation, I would probably go with the VLS over the VTR. But I can't speak to the tactical advantage of the VTR.

Whatever you go with, enjoy!


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I agree on not putting too much stock in the stories of the rifles firing by themselves. I've been shooting my whole life and don't know anybody that has experienced the issue.

As for what model to get, Winchester Model 70, the rifleman's rifle. ;-)

Only kind of joking. The 700 is a fine rifle. I have an SPS model.

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