Looking for new weapon but having an issue what to buy.

I am looking for a new concealed carry weapon. I am not sure what to get. I am looking for suggestion under $700. Thanks.

Sorry should have added this before. I am looking for a compact 40. I already have a ruger SRC 9mm but I am giving it to the wife. I am looking for something a little lighter and with more power but easy to shoot. Thanks

Nick Burkhardt

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Welcome to the forum. How large a pistol do you think you can conceal? The general CC preference for full capacity is a Glock 19, single stack an S&W M&P Shield, or the Ruger LCP for a micro 380.

Bill Amsden

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Lots of options in that price range, both semi auto and revolvers, single action, double action, magazine/cylinder capacity, caliber. All depends on you and what you like and what you are comfortable with, how it feels, and ofcourse how you shoot it. Don't let a salesman talk you into something your not sure of or you'll end up like probably a few of us that have one or two in the safe they really wish they hadn't bought, yep I have one, OK two. One thing that I rarely see mentioned in these type of posts is maintenance, field stripping and cleaning. There are some semi auto's that are less user friendly to strip and clean than others. I say this because I do know of people that rarely clean their pistols because they don't like to disassemble/clean/ reassemble for various reasons. I am a firm believer that especially an EDC weapon, must be cleaned and or at the very least inspected regularly so it is ready for action at a moments notice if needed so with that said this should also be considered when looking and considering a firearm purchase. I will speak only for myself and my collection of pistols for EDC, size ,price, concealability, feel, shootabilty, reliability, ease of maintenance, the G26 is at the top of my list. Regards.


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beretta px4 storm. cz 7 series, springfield xd in 9mm all available(I think ) in a compact or subcompact model--also I think striker fired(such as springfield or s+w) make the best carry weapons--I am a newbie and this is MHO-stay safe,,happy shooting

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