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I figure this is one that they would like to restrict in the future. Does anyone have any experience with this handgun?
Looking for pro and con issues.
Someone did mention the cost of ammo. I found a couple of places that sell it so it is available. Not hard to get like .380 is currently. As far as price I have fount in in the $21 to $25 range for box of 50.
Thanks in advance. You guys always bring helpful info to this site!

I posted this in your other thread of the same subject:

The Five-Seven round isn't nearly as popular as the big four (.40 S&W, .380, 9mm, and .45ACP), so it's usually more readily available.

I only know one guy that has one, and he loves it. It's a little big for concealement, but that's never stopped anyone.

Take note, many indoor ranges do not allow the 5.7mm NATO round to be fired at their facility because of insurance-imposed restrictions.

Awesome gun, if you can find a place to shoot it.....
Because it is considered "armor piercing" by some, and they don't want the liability of a low-mass/high-velocity round penetrating a backstop.
I have a 5.7 handgun. I have put 50 rds through it in a year. I use it as a nightstand gun. I insert the magazine into the pistol at night and remove it in the morning. I have done that for a little over a year now. I went to shoot the pistol the other day and the magazine ejected after every round fired. Apparently I wore out the magazine catch just by inserting and removing as mentioned. Im not very pleased with this. I paid $1100 for the handgun. FNH said to ship it back to them in order to find out what was wrong with it. I called back the next day and just ordered 2 magazine catches at $3.50 a piece. I replaced the wore out one with a new one and that solved the problem. I just keep the magazine inserted now. I cant rely on the weapon any more.
My buddy has one and while it is a full size pistol it is fairly thin and surprisingly light especially considering it carries a 20 round mag. a small mag extension pushes that number up to thirty. As a carry pice with an extra mag it gives you 51 rounds. the only problem i see against carry is all its lil sharp edges (target sights and mil spec 1913 rail) and the lack of available holsters, other than that it seems on par with a full size 1911.

The one thing i really didn't expect from it was when i was shooting it at the range my pattern crept up on account of the weapon getting significantly lighter as the mag emptied.

the concern i have about carrying one would lie with the size vs. speed caliber argument, but with 21 rounds it would seem more a problem of civil liability than anything else. The Five seveN is a beautiful weapon and if you can swing the money for it, why not

*footnote: my buddy and i fell in love with this gun playing the video game counter-strike, i guess my generation (I'm 23) is getting strapped the f*** up.

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