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I took an intermediate pistol class over the week end at my club ($250, 14 hours, 500 rounds fired, one to one student to instructor ratio). I had a great time and learned a lot. One of the instructors (22 year retired LEO) had these plastic cartridges--not snap caps--for use in training for type I/II/III malfunctions. They were color coded for the different calibers. During live fire drills they were also mixed into the magazines by the instructor with live cartridges forcing the student to fire, correct malfunction, continue firing--excellent drill. I've been looking for these on the web--anybody seen them?

Find someone that reloads and have them make you some dummy rounds. Easy to do, size it and don't remove the spent primer then seat the bullet and crimp. Use cold blue or some caustic chemical and blacken the round. This will make it easy to spot when dropped or mixed in ammo. Don't paint them!
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Hey Guys...FWIW...we used to use those plastic Safe T Trainers for years at our Academy...they work if you're using them "occasionally" but after a while they became more of a liablity than an asset.

They scratch and chip very easily and it isn't uncommon for them to get stuck in the chamber or cylinders unless you constantly rotate them and keep the clean and new. I've seen many of them stick inside the chamber because the extractor has literally chipped the rim so many times it fails to extract.

If you using them for dry fire like in an NRA type class and in clean firearms then they'll probably fit the bill...but if you're using them to train or practice for tactical/self defense training you'll soon come to the same realization we did - they are more of a hassle than an asset.

You can go to http://www.ofagear.com and click on training cartridges to see what we now use. These trainer cartridges use real new unfired cases with an inert poly fill inside simulating the bullet and they're dyed a high intensity color to avoid any mix ups. They work awesome! Very reliable and take the abuse. We've used them literally many thousands of times and have NEVER had an issue with them causing an unscheduled malfunction or literally jamming up the firearm requiring it to be pulled off the line. With the plastic ones - it is just a matter of time.

These are a bit more expensive but they work!
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