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Does anyone know where I can find info on some type of tactical shooting sport?
I am 18 if that matters but I dont think it would with rifle or shotgun, pistols are another story.

I am mainly looking in North DFW area....

Thanks to all for input, anything is greatly apreciated. Yall have a good one

I shoot IDPA as "race guns" are not acceptable there but rather factory handguns, the ones you'd carry, are required. The scenarios are as realistic as can reasonably be for an open competition and you can bring your Glock, your XD/XDM, Kahr, 1911, etc and not be concerned about the latest fad or competition edge. You bring what you carry and learn to be accurate (quickly and under pressure) with it. You know, more "practical"...

If you like the race gun thing, thats ok! Different strokes and all. No issue at all, just lett'n know how I appreciate the IDPA arena and why. I understand how NASCAR doesn't use off the showroom cars, but 'soups' them up according to NASCAR rules. Likely the same kind of thing in IPSC, boogity, boogity, boogity and I bet it's fun!

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