Looking for an old post about the love of guns, does this sound familiar?


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I read a really good post on this site a while back, and now I can't find it. If I could remember the wording, I would use the search function, but I don't. Hopefully this sounds familiar to one of you guys/gals.

Essentially, it was a series of lines talking about how much the author loved guns. He owns several guns, he enjoys taking them a part and cleaning them, he likes going to gun stores just to look at and handle guns. He appreciates guns for their engineering elegance, and he even finds himself just staring at his guns for extended periods of time just to fully appreciate them. It goes on for a while like this, and some of the sentences might even make you think, "Geez, is this guy nuts?"

But then at the end, it says something like "If you think I'm crazy for feeling this way about guns, go back and replace the word 'gun' with art, sculpture, poetry, architecture, automobiles, or any other hobby you could think of. Does it still sound crazy?"

I wish I could find the original post, because it was worded a lot better than this. I'd like to share it with some less-gun-friendly friends of mine. If anybody remembers this and knows where to find it, please let me know!

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