Looking For An Adjustable Target Stand


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I'm hoping someone can help me. I am looking for a target stand that meets the following criteria:
  1. portable
  2. light weight
  3. easy set-up
  4. easy break down
  5. adjustable overall height
  6. no backer board...I'm too cheap to keep replacing it
  7. uses clips to hold paper targets
  8. adjustable clips (height and width) to accommodate various paper target sizes
Am I asking for too much :wacko:

I have seen a few that appear as if they might have these features, but I can't tell if they will adjust to accommodate various target sizes.

Thanks for your help!!!

Make your own...

1 1/2" PVC some 1X1 pine. and a few 2" screws N wing nuts and cardboard....

You make a two legged base frame and connect them together with a couple of T's to make a H shape, use 2 T's for the upright, insert cut the PVC off about 12" up and insert the 1X1 in them and use cardboard stapled to them for the shooting part.
It is easy to replace the cardboard, when you shoot the wood it is easy and cheap to replace, you fasten the base together with a few conveniently located bolts N wing nuts. It all fits in the trunk real easy, breaks down fast, sets up fast and can be made for less than 20 bucks...
If you can find them you can use a 4 way set at 180 deg ends and 90 sides instead of multiple T's for the base, paint it if you want to get fancy....
Thanks...I appreciate the input. I was thinking about making my own if I couldn't find something cheap enough otherwise.
+1 on the PVC stands. I made half a dozen of them for about $60. Lightweight and easy to setup. I use sandbags to keep them from blowing over.
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Yep similar configuration but I make a H shaped base rather than the oval.... fewer parts just as stable....
Political signs

I just use the political signs that pop up during a election. The metal frame ones work great.:sarcastic::sarcastic:
I created this for shotgun patterning and pistol shooting:

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