Looking for advice on Throat Mics


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Hey Gang,

I am not sure this is the right place to ask this question but here it goes.

As of late I have been working alot of Security Jobs for a private security company and have decided that I need to get a good throat mic for my radio. Im just getting to much interference on the radio and am having issues with hearing transmissions.

I have looked around on line and read a couple of reviews but I dont know which way to go.

I can find cheap ones... which Im not really concidering .... I have found rediculously expensive ones...but Im not paying more for a throat mic than I would a new Kimber... common thats just stupid..

So what to do?

Anyone out there have an experiance with these and what should I be looking for?

Im serriously looking at a company called Iasus.... But at the same time I have read that their maximum neck size is 16 inches.... I just did a quick measurement and I think I have a 17 inch neck....

So if you have any suggestions... recomendations... experiance.... Or if your just good at doing research..

let me know what you think and maybe I can make a better informed desission...

Thanks a Ton

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