Look what could happen if your grip is not proper!


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:sarcastic:Here is a good example of how NOT to handle a large bore (particularly), or any other handgun, for that matter. This is not, as entitled, my wife, but the wife of the gun owner giving HIS wife training.



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I saw that before. I think hubby was trying to be a macho wanker. Next time we find ourselves on a thread that says something like "I don't get it, why doesn't my wife like guns?" remember to post this again!
Nope, the guy wasn't the macho wanker, his wife decided to try to be the macho wanker! :biggrin:

He even made a website about it: Link Removed


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Holy schnikeys. Duly noted. Note to self: If you are ever crazy enough to decide to shoot a .50 cal, be sure no one is filming you.


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Did anyone else see the issues with the proper handling? The dumb hubby cocked, locked, and handed a weapon with the safety off to his wife... At least he kept it pointing down range...


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Just wanted to make a few corrections to the information about this video, and fill in some missing details.
1. The original upload of this video is not the one referencing the shooter as "my wife"
2. The website commonly linked to reposters of this video is fake. You will notice that the site's creator has politely declined all interviews, as the they do not even know the shooter. Also, the picture on the sites headline is not of the same person.
3. The shooter is a Marine, and this video was made while she was still in the service.
4. The gun was indeed fully loaded, and could have fired a second round at the point of impact/height of recoil.
5. She is still an active shooter, though has not fired a .50 caliber since this incident.
6. All uploads on youtube were made without her consent.
7. She does not read the comments posted on any of the clips on youtube, for obvious reasons.

That should cover most everything thing. If you have any other questions, I will try and answer them. If you are questioning how I know this information, who I am, or whether or not I am legitimate, there isn't a lot I can offer you because you wouldn't believe me if I told you. There is however this video of her firing a 12 gauge shotgun which I took last year Link Removed

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