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Hey guys, I just recently took my CWP class, and loved actually thinking about taking a tactical shooting class. Well, I'm new here and was surfing around, and saw in the Florida State froum that a guy asked a great question.

Is it legal to carry a long gun or shotgun in your vehicle for protection? ...Can you do so with or without a CWP? I've tried to do some research on it ,but have failed to find anything of value on these questions, so any and all opinions and facts will be welcomed here.

Does anyone know of any good shooting classes or competitions around the Fort Mill/ Rock Hill area?

I think you can carry a loaded long gun in your car exposed in S.C.

Not so in N.C. and not sure about Florida or Georgia.
Be careful carrying exposed.

A visible long gun is one of the most stolen items, even in police cars!

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Maybe something like this would at least reduce the visibility/reduce the chance of theft.

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