Lockable box for handguns on flight


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Looking for recommendations on a relatively inexpensive, lockable box for a Springfield Armory Micro compact 1911, S&W .38 revolver and a Ruger LCP.

I will be flying with all three while moving from NY to Texas (FINALLY!) and want to follow the regs by the book. I have heard there are lockable boxes that can also be locked to the inside of you luggage.

Thanks very much for any input.

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I have a keyed model and two combination-lock models. Each came with a 1,500 lbs. test security cable as pictured in the following link. The security cables require no tools.

For the keyed model, I looped the cable through my spare tire mount. Although I haven't yet done this, I plan to use my two combination-lock models in my checked bags when flying...gun in one, ammo in the other. Presumably I can use the included security cable(s) to secure one or both safes to the bed frame in my hotel room.

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But before you commit - check this out:

The Franzen Armloc II pistol case

Franzen Armloc II Pistol Case

This is a really versatile pistol case that locks with either a combination lock, cylinder lock, or both. It has a carry handle built in, and it comes with 2 mounting brackets - one for the bed frame for quick access to your SD weapon, and another for more permanent mount to a wall, car trunk, etc.

When you want to take the case with you, just unlock it & detach it from the mounting bracket via the thumbscrews below the padding.

This thing is thing is rock-solid too. Impossible to break in to (without power tools, anyway).

When mine isn't mounted to the bed frame, it's going with me to the range. This is a VERY high quality pistol case for less than $100.

(No, I don't work for the company. I'm an IT guy from Sacramento.)


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I use Link Removed

You can buy them from Gunvault or Center of Mass. I can get 2 pistols with mags in it. I use it for auto and air travel. Comes with a security cable

Center Of Mass

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Be ware of knock offs folks

Hi folks, I am brand new to your forum and for the sake of full disclosure I am the owner of Link Removed. Needless to say I am slight biased on this subject.

KevinD and everyone else, thank you very much for recommending the safes we sell.

Link Removed
Although GunVault makes some nice safes and we also carry their biometric and finger sequence products. However I need to point out that GunVault stole the design for these car safes last year or so and dubbed them "nanovault".

The safes we sell are the original and we have been selling these since 2003. So be careful with what you buy where because you could be buying the knock off.

I will get out of your way now but feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions. Also, I don't surf forums very often because I am so darn busy so please forgive me if I don't reply instantly. However I will do my best to answer any questions you may have as quickly as I can.

Take care.


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I've never had an issue. I keep the box on top of my clothes when I first get there and let the ticket agent know I'm checking a firearm. They give me a card to fill out and may or may not ask to see it. Then the TSA goes over the bag with their chemical sniffers, I bury the lock box back in the bag and pass it off and I'm on my way. Usually less than 10 extra minutes.


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Tell the counter agent "I have an unloaded firearm to declare" instead of "I have a gun..." Keeps everyone much calmer.

Read the TSA and airline web sites for exact info. It's not difficult.


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Check the TSA rules and your airline's rules. Some airlines have addittional rules to follow. The TSA may also have a list of approved containers and locks.

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