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A many of you know I put up a Facebook page for LOCAL and have been keeping it active. I've posted meeting announcements as well as training announcements from various friends of LOCAL. I've posted comments in news stories and have generally been using this social media outlet to tell others about us.
As I type this our LOCAL Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Louisiana-Open-Carry-Awareness-League-LOCAL/124751677535026
has 294 LIKEs.
That's 294 people who have learned that we exist, heard about our Mission Statement, who know we are meeting and growing and 294 people who can help spread our message.
That is a small group of people in the whole scheme of things but it is a step forward. We are getting our word out via our mailouts, our internet posts, our trifold drops at guns shows and other venues and also our Facebook page.
If you have a Facebook account I urge you to go to the LOCAL Facebook page and LIKE it if you haven't already done so. There you will see that I have posted regularly to the wall and it is a very good way to keep up with LOCAL and gun related news in general.
We are very close to getting our 300th Facebook LIKE. Who knows, it may be you.


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Thanks for the Like MKW1975.
Eagleeyes, glad you like the video. LOCAL is always encouraging people to get training I figured a good way to use our Facebook page, in addition to meeting announcements, was to pass on training announcements from our area instructors and even post an occasional video from some of the better known instructors. When I took Tom Givens Combative Pistol class in April he mentioned the OODA Loop in a discussion during the class room segment. I had seen that video by Pincus just a couple of weeks before and, because I had watched it, knew what Givens was talking about without him having to explain it.
I plan on putting up more videos in the future including a series put out on YouTube by Ruger firearms (Ruger Tactical Tips with Dave Spaulding). Hopefully videos and training announcements like these will encourage others to seek out more training.

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