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God Bless Our Troops!!!
I was in Jay's Guns the otherday in Crestview FL. While I was there I noted that 200 RNDS of 7.62 Surplus ammo was $219.00. This is the same ammo that a year ago was only $75.00-$100.00 per sealed battle pack at most gun shows (depending on the vender).

I know supply and demand are driving a free market economy...but...this is getting really out of hand.

I am glad that more and more Americans are finally taking their 2A rights seriously. I will wait it out and pick up a box here and a box there as I can afford to.

Walmart here is still "rationing" ammo with a two box per customer limit.

Reloading supplies are becoming non-existent.

This will all end as soon as the Democrats LEAVE OFFICE and our gun rights are not in as much danger.

I would like to see our country restored to the way it was during Ronald Wilson Reagan's presidency!

The Wal Mart's here seem to vary. I have bought in one that had a limit of three boxes. I bought four in another the other day and they said nothing about a limit. I only got four because that was all the had. A guy I know purchased over a 1000 rounds at one in a little town about 40 miles south of Fort Worth, Dallas the other day. They must have just got a big shipment in.
I picked up some here in Greenville SC this weekend @ Allen Arms:

3 x 20 rnds .223 for $9.00/box
1 x 50 rnds .45 ACP for $19.00/box
1 x 50 rnds .357Mag for $22.00/box

I could probably get it a bit cheaper online, but I'd rather support my local dealers. As for Wal-Mart, I've yet to find any in stock with what I shoot...
Three years ago 38 ammo was eight or nine dollars a box. Now if you can find it or want to pay the price it's like nineteen a box. I'm just going to shoot less and buy when I fill I have the extra money.
Just picked up 2 boxes of .40SW at Wally World for $12.47/box. Limit 2. So my buddy went and grabbed another 2 for me.

that's what I pay for mine here.. it's finding it on the shelf that is the adventure. they are out 99 percent of the time. once in a while I get lucky and find 2 boxes here or 3 boxes there.. when I find it.. I buy it.
Good price on the .40 S&W, all around here we are lucky to get cheap range ammo at 20$ a box. Thats Norfolk VA for you.
Crestview wally world sold out!!!!

only 2 pistol calibers available .357SIG and 25ACP
We gun owners all need to get out and vote this next go around. It's a proven fact that the Sheeple don't usually come out to vote in a non-presidential voting cycle. So this our time to take our country back. Vote the bums out!

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