Living By The Gun In Yemen!


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A nice video clip I found about Yemen Life style with Guns.

very interesting... I'll gladly take some russian guns at 20 dollars a piece... and hand grenades... yeah I'll take some of those too please.
Typical UN film....Guns are bad,Guns are evil, take away all the guns, everybody will live in the land of milk and honey,on top of candy mountain, yada...yada....yada. I would like to go to Yemen with a couple of grand and a way to get stuff home, maybe that would help to ease the problem over there.:icon_cheesygrin:
Just for the record, Yemen is a hellhole. If anyone else wants to go and send stuff back to me, by all means please do.
Yeah,typical UN anti-gun bullsh...crap.The guns are not costing lives,lack of education and misuse of guns is.BUT is the government,or anyone else,for that matter busting into their houses and robbing and/or killing them.Funny how the video didn't mention the violent crime rate over there.
I feel that the film wasn't entirely biased. I think many Middle East countries believe guns as being a cultural staple, much like many of us here in the U.S.A. It did present a gruesome side to the trade, but unregulated cheap arms to uneducated individuals is probably always a risky situation. The Arabic countries possess a very different culture from most of America. Violence also appears to be inherent, but it wasn't all that long ago that the Old West was right at our backdoors.

Also a side question: Is the Russian Ali an AK-47?
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