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This thread will be used to list all ccw instructors in Wyoming. If you would like to help, please post the name, address, phone number, and any other information of a ccw instructor in Wyoming and I will list keep them listed in this first post alphabetically.

Richard Moore
Firearms Trainer and
Security Consultant
(cell) 307-287-2722
(home) 307-635-1965

Wyoming and Utah CCW Instructor
NRA Personal Defense & Basic Pistol Instructor

--All information was taken directly from his business card--
Twin A Service

Concealed Weapones Classes In wyoming.
I also do out of state Utah Classes
I anyone would be intrested I do a class in
Evanston WY 2nd Sat of each month
John Mortimer NRA Inst in
Basic pistol
I am just learning this sight
so if you send my a email here I might
miss it
please call
Wyoming CCW Instructor

Good Evening folks...My name is Justin Elam and I am a NRA Basic Pistol Instructor out of the Jackson, Wyoming area. Feel free to email me ( [email protected] ) or call at 307-413-1024 if I can be of any help to you.
Jackson Hole Shooting, LLC

Hello, thanks for developing this list, what a great resource! I am an NRA Certified Instructor in Jackson, Wyoming 83002. My contact information:

JH Shooting LLC, dba Link Removed
Jackson Hole Shooting Experience -
Premier shooting instruction and experiences.

[email protected]

Jackson Hole Shooting Experience
PO Box 7927
Jackson, WY 83002


We are Jackson's original shooting instruction company and are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as the Best in the West! With a 100% safety and satisfaction record, we promise our clients continued excellence.

NRA Certified Instructor
CVI Master Instructor
Utah CFP Certified Instructor
Former sniper team training coordinator
We took our NRA class from Mama Liberty (Susan) in Newcastle.
She's great.


Mama Liberty is very highly respected, great gal! She is one of the few instructors that can speak from experience regarding using a firearm to protect oneself from an actual attack. I heard her story in the documentary Guns & Weed, the Road to Freedom. She is the real deal!
NE Wyoming instructor

Susan Callaway (AKA MamaLiberty)
NRA certified instructor: Basic Pistol, Personal Protection
Graduate, American Firearms Training Tactics: pistol
Other qualifications available on request

Special classes for novices, women and teens. Teens 14 and under must be accompanied by a paid adult student. Fee negotiable.

Classes formed as needed all year. Five person paid registration minimum to set date. Call 307-746-3151 or email mamaliberty -at- for class flyer, more information.

You may also request (in email) a pdf copy of the supplemental booklet I've written for the self defense classes. The first chapter is the story of the man I had to shoot to save my life.

Will travel. Email for details.
Tall Guns LLC instructs Wyoming, Utah and Colorado CCW

Tall Guns offers Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah concealed carry (CCW) permit courses. A combination of these CCW licenses provides you over 32 states of handgun carry coverage based upon your state of residency. We also offer NRA firearm classes for the beginner and those desiring a more advanced training.

Our website and schedule is found at :Personal Protection, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming CCW Training from Tall Guns LLC Loveland, Colorado
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Tactical Concepts
Tactical Concepts was founded in Casper Wyoming. We specialize in safe, real-world firearms training utilizing handguns, shotguns and rifles/carbines. Group training and One on One training available upon request. Check out our website TACTICAL CONCEPTS or look us up on Facebook for current discounts being offered. All our instructors are NRA Certified

Justin Dykes
Tactical Concepts
[email protected]

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