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This thread will be used to list all ccw instructors in South Carolina. If you would like to help, please post the name, address, phone number, and any other information of a ccw instructor in South Carolinaa and I will list keep them listed in this first post alphabetically.

Featured South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Instructors:
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On Target Firearms Training. SC CWP & NRA Certified Instructors Sam Clark ( NRA Range Safety Officer ) and Judge Charlie Garrett. Monthly CWP classes include Fingerprinting, Photos, Notary Services and SLED Application processing. Instruction in Basic Pistol, First Steps, Refuse-To-Be-A-Victim, Home & Personal Protection. Contact Sam at (864) 834-7596 (H) or (864) 982-0181 (Mob), Email: [email protected], Website: On Target - Concealed Weapons Permit Classes. Charlie at (864) 246-0201 (H).

These guys did mine ... outstanding program. Could not beet having a Judge throw in a lot of legal info to boot!
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Mark Bilicki P.O. Box 655. Piedmont S.C. 29673 Phone (864) 907-2852 Fax (864) 845-4224 E-mail [email protected] * Web Page Link Removed Monthly Classes / Privite Classes, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Certified Concealed Weapons Instructor * Federal Bureau Of Investigations Certified Finger Print Technician * South Carolina Department Of Natural Resources Hunters Education Instructor * South Carolina 2003 Department Of Natural Resources Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor Of The Year * South Carolina Department Of Natural Resources Boaters Education Instructor, * National Rifle Association Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor * National Rifle Association Master Training Counselor / Instructor * Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection Inside The Home, Personal Protection Outside The Home, Muzzle loading Pistol, Muzzle loading Rifle, Muzzle loading Shotgun, Chief Range Safety Officer, Metallic Cartridge Reloading, Shotgun Shell Reloading * South Carolina Notary Public * Life Member NRA * Member South Carolina Grass Roots * Former Greenville Gun Club Member / Youth Director / Chief Instructor

I hear great things about these guys as well
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Foothills Firearms Training Center, Instructors: Larry R. Smith, Eric Ward, and F. M. Perry III. P. O. Box 34, Liberty, SC 29657. Foothills Firearms Training Center Phone: (864) 630-1883, [email protected] Classes held the second Saturday of each month; 8:00 AM-4:00 PM. Cost of course is $80.00 and includes fingerprints, pictures, range gun, and ammo. A $40.00 deposit is required for registration. Payment may be made in the form of check or money order. We train the novice and the highly experienced. Family members may audit class free. Individual training available on request at a slightly higher cost. NRA Basic Firearms Instructor classes scheduled as needed. Free CWP training for veterans of the mid-east theater of war since 2001.
Gary A. Morningstar, Synergy Group, Inc., 217 East Stone Avenue, Suite 30, Greenville, SC 29609. Cell: 864-230-3690 Office: 864-232-0785 Fax: 864-232-0462 Email: [email protected] Security Specialist with a background in Military, Business and Security. SLED Certified Level 1,2,& 3 Security Instructor, Private Investigator, Federal Protection Agency Training, First Responder Terrorism Certified, NRA Certified Training Counselor-Instructor, NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer, Certified Concealable Weapons Permit Instructor, Basic Fingerprinting for CWP Instructors.
Allen Arms Indoor Range, a full service gun store and indoor shooting range, offers the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Course, as well as a range of other NRA and specialty courses, including Introduction to Handguns and Introduction to Tactical Rifle. We have contracts with four experienced instructors, and offer classes every Saturday, with evening classes also available several times a month. Individual training is available at only $20 per half hour, allowing you to work on any area of improvement you prefer. All services are performed in house- training, fingerprinting, shooting, etc.- in the comfort of indoor conditions in a state of the art facility, which includes comfortable rest rooms and lounge area. There are numerous fine restaraunts in the vicinity for the attendees to access for lunch breaks, etc. In addition, anything needed for training or beyond is available on site, including an in house gunsmith, and free range time is awarded to those completing training. With two upscale classrooms, we can handle a large number of trainees, and even accommodate requests from other instructors to use our facilities. Our facilities, courses, prices, and schedule can be accessed on our website at Link Removed, or by phone at 864-250-2007. We are conveniently located on the north side of Greenville, just before Cherrydale Shopping Center, at 1210 Poinsett Hwy.
Richard's Firearms Training Center

Richard's Firearms Training Center, Salem SC. Classes held every other Saturday 7:30 am until 5:30 pm, fingerprints and photo work is included. Contact information: phone 864-944-0425 or sign up on line at

Ted Landreth - 8545 White Horse Road - Greenville, S.C. 29617 - Phone (864) 449-4464

Email - [email protected] * Web -

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Certified Concealed Weapons Instructor
Utah Department of Public Safety Certified Concealed Firearms Instructor
National Rifle Association - Handgun & Personal Protection Instructor -Range Safety Officer

• South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit Course (8 ½ -hours)
• Utah Multi-State Concealed Firearm Permit Course (4 hours)
• Advanced Concealed Carry Course (4 hours)
• Tactical Handgun I - Shoot – Don’t Shoot (3-hours)
• Tactical Handgun II - Low-Light/No-Light (3-hours)
• Women’s Self-Defense - Armed & Un-Armed (4 hours)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call (864) 449-4464 or go to HOME

Former South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Officer (Deputy)

Author: Legally Armed – The Handgun Owners Lawbook (2002, 2004, 2008)
Author: South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit Handbook (2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008)

Associations: Life Member NRA * Member ASIS * Member NCFAA * Member NCFIA
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Myrtle Beach Indoor Shooting Range,
Highway 17 Bypass, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 236-4344
Email: [email protected]

Classes are every other Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 10pm and the opposite Saturday for 8 hours.
Billy Rivers was my instructor. I beleive they have another instructor and I also think I hear they are adding classes on different days. - West Ashley FireArm Safety Training & Transfers

Charleston, SC
843 834 9162
Concealed Weapons Instruction - SLED/NRA Certs - Monthly Classes - Weekday 2x Four hr classes available
Firearms Transfers $40 per item - Discount for CWP & multiple purchase
Retail Firearm Sales - Local Only - Catalog Ordering
FREE BASIC HANDGUN Orientation - LADIES ONLY Safety Orientation w/ minimum mandated
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Freedom Firearms Training, 139 Freedom Dr., Whitmire, SC 29178. Instructors Robert & Tracy Martin, SLED Certified CWP Instructor, NRA Basic Rifle and Pistol Instructor, NRA PPIH (Personal Protection Inside the Home) Instructor and NRA PPOH (Personal Protection Outside the Home) Instructor. NRA Shotgun Instructor, Refuse to Be a Victim Instructor. Freedom Firearms Training
Please call for more info. 803-924-1029
BELT Training LLC

Awesome Husband & wife team
J.T. Judy, Instructor

Member, National Tactical Officers Assn.
S.L.E.D. Certified Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor
NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor
NRA L.E.A.D Certified Handgun/Shotgun Instructor
SC Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) Basic Instructor
SCCJA Certified Firearms Instructor
SCCJA Certified Driving Instructor
NTOA Certified Patrol Response To Active Shooter Instructor
S.W.A.T. Certified
GLOCK Certified Armorer

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Self Defense Concealed Carry Training (CWP)

Self Defense Concealed Carry Training ---- One Day Completion----Weekday and Weekends. "The midlands of South Carolina's best Concealed Weapons Permit Classes". Serving the midlands of South Carolina with personal experience and caring, professional instruction. We practice patience, safety and make it a FUN experience. Our Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) training is tailored to fit your personal needs and exceed South Carolina Law Enforcement Division requirements for your CWP application. James D."Jim" Jones is a retired weapons and special warfare tactics Instructor with over 26 years of "hands-on" experience in the active Army, specializing in counter-terrorism and personal self defense with and without weapons. Jim is a SLED Certified CWP Instructor, NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, Affiliate Instructor Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, who has been certified in the Security Industry in the civilian sector since the late 70's. Ask about our group, family, and seniors discounts. Our training is conducted in a family atmosphere in a conference room setting dedicated to one-on-one personal training, and culminated at an outdoor range nearby. All fingerprints and SLED CWP paperwork are completed for you in class. This is professional, safe instruction. When EXPERIENCE can COUNT on us!!! Contact Jim at 803-361-3742 or Self Defense Concealed Weapons Training. See our Graduates pictures and outdoor range pictures using the Facebook link on our website.
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South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor

This thread will be used to list all ccw instructors in South Carolina. If you would like to help, please post the name, address, phone number, and any other information of a ccw instructor in South Carolinaa and I will list keep them listed in this first post alphabetically.
Orangeburg, Calhoun, Bamberg, Barnwell, Clarendon, and Sumter Counties
Jim Black 665 Levi Pond Rd. Neeses, SC. 29107 phone# 803-516-2373 email [email protected]
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor
NRA certified Recruiter and pistol instructor

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