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This thread will be used to list all ccw instructors in Oklahoma. If you would like to help, please post the name, address, phone number, and any other information of a ccw instructor in Oklahoma and I will list keep them listed in this first post alphabetically.

Mark Chenoweth
Savage Trading Company

The Defensive Shooting Academy Tulsa

Grady Rickman
[email protected]

Mike Walker
[email protected]

Tony Wisely
PERRY OK 73077
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My name is Tony Wisely. I have been teaching the Concealed Carry class in the state of Oklahoma since the law went into effect in 1995. I can be reached at 580-336-9090, PO BOX 30 PERRY OK 73077 and my website is Link Removed. This site lists information about the process to obtain a concealed carry permit in Oklahoma and my class schedule. The short version of the web site is Link Removed

My name is Mark Chenoweth and I teach the concealed carry class for the Oklahoma Self Defense Act training requirement. Usually I teach and can be contacted through Savage Trading Company, Savage Trading Company , or phone 405-324-8300.

Classes schedule nearly every Saturday and at least one evening course per month. Mobile training team available to come to your location and teach the course.
My name is Grady Rickman. I've been a Ok. Concealed Carry Permit Instructor from the beginning in 1996. I teach one class a month as a minimum. I'm a NRA Rifle,Pistol,and Home Firearm Safety Instructor. I have had Level 2 and Level 3 Defensive Handgun Courses from Firearms Research & Instruction. For class information call 580-765-6589 or [email protected] Thanks,Grady
OK Concealed Carry Instructor

My name is Mike Walker. I have been teaching OK CCW for 10years. I live and teach in Spiro, located in the SE portion of OK in Leflore Co. I have scheduled classes monthly, normally on Saturdays, but can make arrangements for a weekday class with some notice.

I am a full time member of the Arkansas Air National Guard Security Forces and a competitive rifle & pistol shooter. I shoot for the Arkansas Combat Team and this year I shot on the US National Guard "All Guard" Team.

I can be reached at 918-658-8933, [email protected] or on my web page at Oklahoma Concealed Weapons Carry Classes
Southeastern Oklahoma Concealed Carry Classes

My name is Chief Stewart Stanfield and I'm an Oklahoma, Texas, and NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. I offer Concealed Carry Classes as well as personalized handgun, rifle, and shotgun classes. NRA Range Safety Officer classes offered by request.

I'm a certified peace officer for Oklahoma and Texas and a decorated war veteran for the US Army and Air Force.

Most of the classes are held in Sawyer, Oklahoma; however I will travel if five or more are interested in a class.

Please give me a call at 580-743-0272 or email me at [email protected] to schedule a day of training.
Stillwater Armory is a firearms training facility and retail pro-shop located in Stillwater, OK. We offer the Oklahoma Concealed Carry Class, NRA certified classes, and beginner and advanced self-defense classes. Our instructors are former and/or current military, law enforcement, and self-defense experts. Visit our website or give us a call to register for one of our scheduled classes.

Stillwater Armory
Tom Smith, Lead Instructor
Hello my name is Kevin Smith and I also teach CCW im my area located in Walters,Ok We have a class on a monthly basis and we have been teaching for a year now. I have to believe I go above what needs to be taught as I want my students to understand what they need to know.We take time to help new students that have never handled a firearm and I also teach basic firearm courses.Thanks
Please call Kevin Smith or email at [email protected]
Central Oklahoma

My name is Mike McQuown. I also teach the OK CCW Class along with a variety of other firearms training courses. I teach in the Pawnee and Glencoe area with the prospects of other areas coming soon. I can be contracted for a day to come and teach in your community. I am a NRA certified instructor as well as a CLEET certified instructor. I am a former full time police office and former member of the PA Army National Guard “Governor’s Twenty” (shooting competition). Unlike the class that I first took in Oklahoma, I teach the law, I don’t just skim over it, I ensure that each and every one of my students know EXCATLY what they can and cannot do, where they can and cannot carry, and most importantly what the meaning of “Deadly Force” is and what to expect to happen next should you ever be forced to use it. The CCW class is NOT intended to make you an expert marksman, I offer other classes for that, it is designed to teach you the law, ensure that you can handle and operate your weapon in a safe and reasonable manner, and that you understand what requirements MUST be met for you to use deadly force against another human being. I’ve often heard the saying “better judged by 12 than carried by 6”, this is true, but I want to make sure you make it through the “judged by 12” part and get to go home for making the right decisions and not to jail for unjustified use of deadly force. If you are looking for a class you can sleep through and get your certificate, my class is not it. If you want to be prepared for the responsibility of carrying a weapon in defense of your life or that of someone you love, give me a call. Classes start at $60, gun rental available.

~Mike McQuown

[email protected]
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My name is Darrin Dunkin and I teach the the basic safety class required by the State of Oklahoma to obtain a SDA (Open/Concealed) Handgun Permit. It is an 8 hour class usually held on Saturdays once or twice per month. For price please email, facebook or call me. Students are required to bring Valid Oklahoma I.D., eye and ear protection, pad and pen, a suitable handgun, 50 rounds of New factory loaded ammunition (NO reloads or hand loads permitted). I also have rental guns and ammo available.

If you have a group of folks 10 or more I can teach at your location provided you have a classroom environment and a safe place to shoot. I have portable target stands and can set up anywhere with a good backstop that is away from populated areas.

I am also NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer.

For class information call 405-593-3996 or facebook

Thank you
I am teaching the Oklahoma Self Defence Act Handgun Carry Class. Both Concealed Carry and Open Carry that goes into effect November 1st. Certified instructor by CLEET, NRA and US Army. Retired Army Officer. Former Law Enforcement instructor for basic and Semi-Auto transition.
Classes taught in Coweta and available to travel for five or more students
Information available on Facebook or email [email protected]. Bill Humphries. 918-809-7613

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