List Of North Carolina Gun Ranges

267 Noel Road
Harmony, NC 28634
Telephone: 704-546-2999 or 704-546-5676

Outdoor pistol range, 5 lanes. Annual membership is $325 for an individual. Or $8/hr for non-members.

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I am new to this Board, but there is an excellent range in eastern North Carolina: The Outer Banks Gun Club.
You can call the range at 252 473-6655. The president of the OBGC is Col. Bill Beadling 252 441-6512.
NC Shooting Range

Can someone tell me which one is close to Murphy, NC. I have done some research and it looks as if Lenoir, NC is the closest, which means a possible overnight stay. If anyone can guide me to a closer one, I will appreciate it.

Thanks for your time and efforts.

Nearby (sort of) ranges

There are ranges in Brevard & Hendersonville, NC

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Link Removed in Hendersonville
Charlotte, NC area

Lake Norman Sporting Arms and Range - COMING SOON!!

These owners are real pros. They will shutter their existing gun store location to open up a brand new store, indoor range and state of the art training facility. From idea inception, site selection, rezoning, site due diligence, building design and new construction to shots fired = 19 months / state of the art, family friendly facility.
It has been almost a year since they closed flintlock range and i need to find a new place to shoot. who knows a good place near High Point NC.
why do all the ranges want 150 or more for a membership??????????? i think that is just way too much to go shoot.
Paradise Hunting Preserve in Greenville , NC.
Monday through Saturday 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday 1 to 5.

3993 Bill Adams Rd
Grimsland , NC 27837
Phones work 252 746 2748
Mobile 252 531 6133
email [email protected]

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Piedmont Handgunners Association

Great organization close to Lexington/Salisbury area, Piedmont Handgunners Association (Welcome to The Piedmont Handgunners Association). Although private, they're open to public for NRA/USPSA matches. Check them out on the link. Great group of Americans, safe and clean. Spent the morning enjoying the freedom to bare arms and bust off a few caps. (Actually, my wife's suggestion to go on the 4th. Dam good woman she is!)

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