List of Missouri CCW Instructors

We (My wife & I) offer Missouri CCW classes for $75.00. I'm also certified in Kansas. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable regardless of their shooting skills. We limit our class size to be able to provide personal attention to each student. Our classes are normally limited to 10 people and we have 2 instructors (1 male / 1 female) per class.

Recently we have expanded our classes due to the high demand.

While we are primarily in the Springfield, Missouri area we do travel.

Brian & Jamie Dye

I offer CCW classes in Northeast MO. I am an attorney in private practice, but also a prosecuting attorney for a couple of towns. My co-instructor is an active duty law enforcement officer.

We charge $100 per person. We schedule classes on demand and usually average a class every other Saturday. You can contact either me or my co-instructor.

John Wilcox

Donnie Schmitz
We offer CCW classes in Neosho, MO. We have been recognized by the Sheriffs in 14 counties throughout SW MO as qualified instructors. Lead instructor is a Vietnam Vet and Pastor. The lead range officer is an infantry Marine Vet. Classes are $100 a person, $75 for veterans. We provide everything needed, including breakfast, lunch, weapons and ammo, ear protection and eye protection. Classes are held indoors and it only takes a short walk outside to get to the firing line.

You can contact us at the following numbers:
Bill Doubek, lead instructor- 417-389-1490

Kevin Sharpe, range officer- 417-456-2826

We also have a website:

Or you can check us out on FB: Schoolof weapons safety
Tracy Medford
Concordia, MO

1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of each month. Missouri CCW class in Concordia, MO at the Community Center, 802 S Gordon St. Cost is $100 or $85 for military; I provide pistol, revolver, ammo, hearing & eye protection, drinks and FOOD. Seats are limited. I am approved in Benton, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Henry, Hickory, Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis, Ray, and Saline. If you live outside of these counties, let me know so I can send credentials to that county prior to class. CCW requirements are: US citizen or Permanent resident of the USA, 21 or older (18 for Military stationed in MO) and 2 or less DWI's within 5 years. Call 660-233-2745 or email [email protected]
NRA Basic Pistol and CCW classes offered in the Reeds Spring / Branson area of SW Missouri.

On the Web at Link Removed
email: [email protected]

Not having a gun prior to the class is not necessarily a hindrance. Multiple sizes and styles of guns are available to shoot, and there's an extensive discussion during class about selecting the correct concealed gun for the individual.

Hayden Brown
NRA Certified Instructor
I did my training at the above mentioned web address. Has classes on sale for 50 bucks. He was very informative and helpful.

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Personal & Business

Dan Smith
Concealed Carry Firearms & Training LLC
Website - Concealed Carry Firearms & Training, LLC ~ Dan Smith
Email - [email protected]
(314) 422-9893


NRA Certified Instructor - Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in The Home (PPITH), Personal Protection Outside The Home(PPOTH), "Refuse To Be A Victim".
Certified Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor
Director, Missouri Concealed Carry Gun Permit and Firearms Information Website
Certified MO CWE Instructor in all Eastern and many Central & Southern Missouri Counties
RKBA Leadership - State of Missouri Legislative Activities

Classes Offered

Offering weekend, weekday and two night courses to obtain a Missouri, Utah or Florida CCW permit. Also offering NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection In The Home and NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home classes. All classes taught at Top Gun Indoor range in Imperial, MO Link Removed

Not to be morbid, but Mr. Dan passed away. It was a sad day in our community.

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