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This thread will be used to list all gun stores in Massachusetts. If you would like to help, please post the name, address, phone number, and any other information of a gun store in Massachusetts and I will list keep them listed in this first post alphabetically.

Northshore Firearms

North shore firearms

These guys are awesome! I purchased a Sig P220 from them a few weeks ago. They were very helpful, very friendly, very knowledgeable. They answered all my questions and were very happy to help me out. They are very good business men. They know how to treat a customer.

Their website is North Shore Firearms

They are located in Middleton Massachusetts.

Mass. Gun Shops

Valley Sport Center
155 Northampton Street
Esthampton, MA 01027
hrs. 0800 to 1800 weekdays

Good staff, helpful, knowledgable and good prices. Stock is not large for handguns, but often find some nice ones at good price! Will order MA. legal weapons on request.
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A&J Sporting Goods - Berkshire County

A&J Sporting Goods, 10 Depot Street, Housatonic, MA, 413-274-5008, [email protected]. Located upstairs in the Aberdale building which is across from the Post Office and near the Fire Station. At present they're only open Tuesday and Thursday 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM, or by appointment.

They stock over 800 guns and had lots of ammo, supplies, AR's, .50 BMG rifles, defensive shotguns, sporting arms, optics, etc. They're a S&W Showcase Dealer. A very nice shop.
Sportsman's Den

A welcomed addition to an area where there are too few choices. Although it's a small place, I'll give him my support anytime I can.
Great to deal with.

Sportsman's Den
666 Southern Artery, Quincy, MA 02169
(617) 770-3884
A G Guns and Ammo / Instructional Shooting Incorporated in Lowell is excellent. Guns at 5% mark up; specialized courses and great guys. Greg Danas and others are instructors to law enforcement and teach college and personal courses. Give them a try...

A.G. Guns & Ammo

164 Andover St
Lowell, MA 01852-2349
(978) 452-8450
Where I buy guns

Smith & Wesson Shooting sports center in Springfield (Also a factory gun shop, gotta love the performance center stuff)

AAA Guns in West Springfield (Excellent staff, owner, service, inventory and they treat you right when trading in unwanted/unused guns)
Smith & Wesson Shooting sports center in Springfield (Also a factory gun shop, gotta love the performance center stuff)

AAA Guns in West Springfield (Excellent staff, owner, service, inventory and they treat you right when trading in unwanted/unused guns)

S&W in Springfield is going to be one of my next road trips. All my handguns are S&W's and I'm saving pennies for the M&P-15...

Hunters Trading post in Weymouth ma . Great selection and very knowledgeable staff .
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Archer Arms on Rt. 58 in Carver MA.

You won't find a more down-to-earth guy than Joe Mcann (McCann?), the owner. A small shop, and a great atmosphere. He'll get anything you want if you have the time for waiting for it to arrive. Also, he carried the full line of M&M Reloads from NH, which is very decent ammo at very decent prices. For example, a box of 25 reloaded .500 mag ammo, 350ish grain FMJ is about 45 bux.

And if you poke him in his big belly, he giggles.

But he has to be in a good mood for you to get away with this, since he's like a 28-year veteran of a local PD, and is sometimes grumpy.


P.S. Two thumbs up for Four Seasons in Woburn, MA. Carl Ingham is just like Joe, but he's busier and has a shop dog. Hehe.
A quick update ... Sorry to say, this shop is no longer in business thanks to the ATF hounding the owner into closure rather than a lengthy (expensive) court action re. a couple of years-old, minor paperwork infractions. Although he was sure he would win the case, the prospect of losing his business to legal fees in order to defend against clear harrassment held little 'appeal'. Chalk up one more for Mr. Illinois Gun-Hater and his armed legions..... :angry:
Nick's Sport Shop in Palmer, MA on Park Street. Great guy, great selection and easy as all hell to get to (off exit 8 mass pike). I actually registered to this forum just to give this place it's due.
I have found the people at in North Attleboro to be very friendly, helpful and the store is GREAT. Lots of stuff to buy. Top of the line ammo all the way down to very inexpensive reloads and all the other goodies you could want. Medium amount of firearms to purchase. A very good store to visit.

Hunters Trading Post in Weymouth is another one I like. A good selection of items and good selection of firearms. People there are nicer now than about 15 years ago for whatever reason..

There is Second Amendment in South Easton? It is something like that. The store is somewhat small and the guys in there will help you out and they are always there when the store is open. Even the ones who don't work there. Nice people. Mainly used firearms here and a decent selection. A lot of assault style rifles and a lot of handguns with some oddball ones.

There is always Bass Pro Shop in Foxboro. I usually would not suggest buying a firearm at one of these types of stores but the guys here are pretty knowlegable. Firearm prices are comperable and you will only find new firearms with a pretty good selection. Ammo is somewhat expensive. Cheap quality holsters and assorted goodies. Bought a Ruger SP 101 .357 & a Walther PPS .40 from them. Could not be happier with the firearms.

One more- AAA Police Supply in Dedham. Been in there several times. The last trip they did not sell firearms anymore or at least none that I could see. Several of the staff are pretty annoying. There is a girl who works there that made me want to pull out my hair or jump thru the window. One more thing... They only take cash.:hang2: Ok time to put that holster back on the peg, thank you good day..
Link Removed is New Marlborough, MA (southern Berkshire County. A small, well stocked store, plus a complete service shop. Often has unusual and collectible firearms. Paladin is a division of West Engineering, a noted race car manufacturer and upfitter.

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