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This thread will be used to list all ccw instructors in Iowa. If you would like to help, please post the name, address, phone number, and any other information of a ccw instructor in Iowa and I will list keep them listed in this first post alphabetically.

Hawkeye Firearms Instruction

Hawkeye Firearms Instruction
Steve Hensyel
NRA Certified Instructor
Serving all of Iowa
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While the name is new, the enthusiasm and dedication are the same. Forming Hawkeye Firearms Instruction is simply an official continuation of my passion for helping others. I became an NRA Certified Instructor in 1999 and have been a shooting enthusiast for over 30 years. Having helped to found Iowa Carry and bring "shall issue" to Iowa, my commitment and involvement in helping people in the use and safety of firearms is unwavering.

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Iowa CCW instructors

I am an NRA Pistol instructor. I am currently offering the Permit to Carry Safety class for proof of training requirements in Iowa.

Joe Diaz
Southeast Iowa Firearms Training
[email protected]

And I will travel for classes.
Instructors for Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Utah, and more.

Shade's Landing Inc. provides firearms training including concealed carry training exceeding the requirements for Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, Virginia, Utah, Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maine carry permits (and others).

We also provide training for first time shooters in NRA Basic Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol disciplines as well as Women Only courses and Refuse to be a Victim courses. We also have advanced shooting courses for those who wish to take their skill set to the next level.

And NOW ... TRY ONE OF OUR ONLINE CARRY COURSES and choose the one right for you (Wisconsin, Iowa, or Minnesota with more to come soon)!

That's right - now you can study from the comfort of your own home or office with our online Carry Course! The Minnesota course is open to residents and non-residents but it does require an in person (in MN) live fire qualification. Wisconsin and Iowa do not require a live fire qualification and can be taken entirely online.

Gary A. Shade (NRA Certified Training Counselor and Instructor), MN and UT certified.
Jason A. Shade (MN Certified Firearms Instructor)
Heather M. Shade (NRA Certified and MN certified Instructor)

Phone: 952-891-1537

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