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What is the best light mount for a pistol? Preferably Smith&Wesson, Beretta, etc.


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I'm not sure what the OP is asking...

What is the best rail mounted light for a pistol?

In no particular order: inforce apl, surefire x300, streamlight tlr1, viridian c5l or x5l, crimson light guard, to name a few. So many more good lights.

Full size handguns or compact handguns will play a major role in light selection.

What pistol is best with a rail?

No one can tell you what is best for you.

Are there different kinds of mounts for pistols? (I know how has its on rail, picattiny, 1913, weaver...these mounts?)

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I do not have a light at this point for my ruger SR9c it does have the rail. But I would rather have a hand held light. Due to the fact I would have to buy different type of holster and at this point I haven't needed a light while shooting. That are nice but

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