Life in New Jersey

It's not known as the People's Republic of New Jersey for nothing. What I find amazing is how unappealing the article makes the state look without even making one single reference to its draconian gun laws. Amazing.
Well, New Jersey has done away with the Death Penalty.

This means that they have now not only denied us the resources to mount a successful self defense if set-upon out on the street by denying us our 2nd Amendment and NJ Constitution Article I Rights, but the penalty for the guy who kills you has been minimized. All the while Jon Corzine travels the State with a phalanx of well-armed State Police to protect him from the evils we're expected to face unprotected.

Is there any other way The State of New Jersey can convince you that you have no value to them except for the amount of taxes they can bleed out of you?

[NOTE: Sent tonight via e-mail to The Record newspaper.]
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Libs believe it will make the murder rate go down. Like rapeing and murdering a person went down when it was not a capitial offence anymore. Now we see why all the holding centers are being built all over.
Well, they wrote asking to confirm that I was the author, which I did, but - at least as of tonight, in The Record online - I don't see it among their published letters. Maybe tomorrow night. Maybe not.

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