Liberals told to leave


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People do not have to be Republicans to love guns, I think your statement is therefore misguided. Rather, it was a perfect opportunity for people with differing beliefs to come to understand or learn that loving guns can transcend political beliefs.

According to BO they do....:pleasantry:


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Instead of thinking of it in terms of "Liberal" or "Conservative," which are words thrown around with most people not knowing the true meaning of either word, why not think of it in terms of for freedom, or against it.

Gdcleanfun refers to herself as a liberal, yet believes in her second amendment right to keep and bear arms, contrary to many people in her "political party." How about we cast down this two party system crap, and work together to bring about a new renaissance. It is the two party system, that keeps the fat cats in office, while we bicker amongst ourselves over trivial things, while they are commiting war crimes, and killing millions of people.

To lonewolfsniper: I completely understand where you're coming from. Obama is a piece of s***, as well as most "liberals" in government offices. But you can't judge anyone and everyone who calls themselves a 'liberal', just for being a 'liberal'.

IMHO, the two-party system is the biggest scam in the history of our country, second only to the Federal Reserve. We need to break the paradigm.

GOOD POST! :pleasantry:

Yes we need a third party and I think the Fed is under attack by some in congress right now. Saw something on CNN a few nights ago but haven't had time to check back on it. They need to GO.

As far as this instructor, at least he did the right thing in the end. I have to admit, I LOVE seeing these liberal cities and towns when the have major problems with goose and coyote populations over running them. I just laugh and think to myself, good, keep restricting hunters and guns, lol.


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Just have to add....

Look, I understand why many of the people on this forum feel like they are under attack by "liberals". It is because, taken as a group, they are attacking one of our most fundamental American rights. However, I really, truly believe that responsible, effective political discourse (you know, the kind that might effectively sway others to a better educated viewpoint) should be conducted in appropriate forums. I have to disagree with Cooter about a hunter safety course being an appropriate venue for a political stand. The parking lot after, maybe......

If we want and expect others to respect our right to believe and speak as we want, we have to respect their right to believe and speak. Simply trying to scream over the top of someone else changes no opinions. In fact, this irresponsible behavior on the part of the volunteer instructor does damage to the movement, not the opposite.

When discussing politics with others, especially those who disagree with me, I make every attempt to speak reasonably, rationally, and at a normal volume. I pay attention to what the other person is saying, and agree with them in some cases, explain why I disagree with them in others.

Time to start using respect.:yes2:



i was taught at an early age how to hunt and shoot,fishing was also included, bu i also learned how to stay out of politics and let the dumb a---- run this country, the dude in as pres, won't last long, i figure when they try to take my guns away, i'll just remember what charleton Heston said " from my cold dead hands" is the only way you will take my guns,,,,,liberals ..hell ,, I'm married to one and i would have her back me up any time, and she's an expert shooter.

,,nuff said, bye you'all

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