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M. Todd Bayliss
I'm systematically working my way through the various candidates letting them know where I stand on gun ownership. Here's what I sent to Senator Obama:

In light of recent violence such as Virginia Tech, the Omaha Mall, and the church in Colorado, I was wondering if Senator Obama had reconsidered his stance on an individual's right to defend themselves. The most recent comments I've been able to find indicated he is opposed to all forms of civilian gun ownership and in particular concealed carry of handguns.

I'm very intrigued by the possibility for change offered by Senator Obama, however I greatly value my constitutional right to defend myself and my family. We do unfortunately live in a violent world, and the police cannot be everywhere at once.

Interestingly, his site doesn't list his position on gun control at all (although we all know what it is). Trying to avoid the issue perhaps?


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Good job. Thanks for taking the time to let politicians know were we stand. It may never change their mind, but it certainly cannot hurt anything.


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Gun Control, and Democrats

There are a variety of reasons why I am a republican, but Gun Control is my main issue.

As for the other reasons:

Democrats tend to oppose harsh penalties for criminals, and are historically anti-death penalty. Cop killers, mass murderers, sexual related homicides.... they all deserve the needle.

Democrats are anti-military, no matter how they dress it up. Elect one, and watch the cutbacks start rolling.

Democrats put too much stock in the U.N. Every country is jealous of the United States for remaining a super-power after the collapse of the Soviet Union. We are still greater than the European Union (same idea as the USSR, except infused with a hint of capitalism and a dash of democracy)

The U.N. wants your guns (to help take away our superpower status), get used to that idea and vote accordingly.

Help remind democrats that the NRA is a force to be acknowledged each November.

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