Letter to state senator on Gun Show ban bill


Not Negotiable, A Right
Here is what I wrote, what do you think?

Good Morning Senator Miller,

I urge you to vote no on Senate Bill 1257. I cannot believe that the senators of this Founding state would dare to take such an offensive stand against firearms, let alone private property. The next thing we know, the state government is going to tell me I have to take my TV to a electronics store to transfer it to my little brother if I wanna give it to him. What I do with my private property is none of the governments concern. And no one should be able to publicly look up my address and either harass me as a gun owner or criminalize me, or even worse criminals look up my information and burglarize my home looking for guns to commit crimes with.

I'll level with you sir,
I'm a law abiding citizen, a US Navy Corpsman of eleven years, and most importantly a father who wants to protect his children and not be harassed for it (which is why I no longer open carry in this state because of businesses harassing me and civilians giving me evil looks).

Guns are not evil. People are not inherently evil either. There are just some people messing it up for everyone else because they don't want to be productive members of society and work hard for their money. These people are the people we should be focusing on, not spending large amounts of money focusing on controlling the guns of already law abiding citizens. We have plenty of gun laws on the books. Let's put some legislation out there to pay police better and get more on the streets focused on stopping crimes, not just enough cops that seemed to be mostly focused on speeding tickets.

I thank you for your time sir and again urge to to vote FOR gun owners' rights, not to further restrict them. Vote No on 1257.

Robert Cook
Newport News, 23602

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