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Just joined. What is typically thought as the best less-lethal?


Best anything is always dependent upon a number of factors most of which you don't control. Best for what job? That could change in an instant. Against a single assailant? Multiple aggressors? Indoors or outside? What's legal in your area. Every weapon system has its good and bad points. Pepper spray may be good for multiple targets in an outdoor setting but wind could be a factor. Some folks are resistant to it (not many), and if you wind up in contact with your assailant you risk self contamination. Works great indoors but then you may affect innocent third parties.

Striking weapons like collapsible batons or Yawara sticks can be effective but require being up close and personal with your opponent while sprays allow some distance at least. Again, Batons are illegal in some states.

How are your hand-to-hand skills? Those are perhaps your best skill-set to aid you with nearly any weapon use.


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OC spray. The big advantages:

Legal in all 50 states ( yes, there are some stupid city laws that restrict them )
Small to large sizes and readily available.
Effective on more than one person. IMO this is huge bad guys almost always attack in pairs or more. Works pretty well on groups.
Works well on animals

Effectiveness is excellent; no it's not 100% but what is ? Everything has limitations. I teach its use as a way to deploy and run away. Even if only partially effective, it's doing to be difficult to see well enough to run or breath to capacity.

Keep in mind the use of force continuum. . If you don't know what it is study it. May well save you some legal fees or time in the pokey.

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OC/CS/CN combo spray
stun gun
expanding baton

*check your state laws. Some states have banned some or all of the above for civilian use
Also note, it helps if you're trained to use these.. particularly the baton, else it may be more dangerous for you to try to use it.
I don't usually carry less than lethal alternatives unless I'm at work, where we use them for crowd control. If you're afraid of killing someone, shoot them in the knee.

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