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Does anyone know of a website or other resource that lists all the states that require a permit holder to notify a LEO that the driver (or passenger) is/are carrying during a routine traffic stop?

Laws are constantly changing, so rather than guessing your way through which states require or don't require you inform the officer. This is advice I give to my students, as you're most likely going to be better off informing an officer that you're armed then for the officer to be "surprised" to discover you are armed. Yes, I'm sure there are officers that may over react and slam you up against your car to disarm you, but speaking from personal experience and others who have been stopped by police, it has turned out a lot better for the CCer to inform the officer rather than the officer finding out later on.

If you really want to know the laws of individual states, it's safest to get the information directly from each state by either calling the issuing authority for CC permits/licenses or by visiting their website. All states that allow CC have websites. I have compiled a list that I provided to my students when they take my class.

Hope I've been able to answer your question.


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